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Derham, William (1657-1735)
Physico-theology, or a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from his Works of Creation, vol. 1 (A. Strahan, 1798)
Dutch Reformed Church of America
The Psalms of David, with hymns and spiritual songs : also, the catechism, confession of faith, and liturgy of the Reformed Church in the Netherlands ; for the use of the Reformed Dutch Church in North America ; with an appendix, containing, Articles explanatory of the government and discipline of the Reformed Dutch Church in the United States of America (New-Brunswick : Abraham Blauvelt, 1798)
Erskine, Ebenezer (1680-1754)
The whole works of the late Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Erskine, minister of the gospel at Stirling: consisting of sermons and discourses, on the most important and interesting subjects (D. Schaw and Co.)
Vol. 1 (1798)
Vol. 2 (1798) GB 
Vol. 3 (1798) GB 
Fell, John (1735-1797)
Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity (Bye and Law ... and sold by Johnson [and 4 others], 1798) / added author(s): Henry Hunter
Fraser, James (1639-1699)
Memoirs of the Life of the Very Reverend Mr. James Fraser, of Brea: ... Written by Himself (Joseph Galbraith, 1798)
Goeree, Willem (1635-1711)
Natürliches Zauber-Buch, oder, Neueröfneter Spielplatz rarer Künste: in welchem nicht allein alle Taschenspieler und andere curiöse mathematische und physicalische Künste, sondern auch die gebräuchlichen Karten-Würffel, Billard, Damen, und andere Spiele aufs genaueste beschrieben mit ..., vol. 1 (In derSteinischen Buchhandlung, 1798)
Halyburton, Thomas (1674-1712)
Natural religion insufficient, and Revealed necessary, to man's happiness in his present state : or, a rational enquiry into the principles of the modern deists ... to which is added, an essay on the true grounds of faith (Philadelphia : Hogan & M'Elroy, 1798)
Natural Religion insufficient; and Reveal'd necessary to man's happiness ...: or, a Rational Enquiry into the principles of the modern Deists. Wherein ... the writings of ... Lord Herbert, ... to wit, his books De Veritate, Re Religione Gentilium, and his Religio Luici ... are ... answer'd: to ... (1798)
Henry, Matthew (1662-1714)  en
The communicant's companion: or, Instructions and helps for the right receiving of the Lord's supper ... (W. Paton, for R. Hutchinson, 1798)
Hess, Johann Jakob (1741-1828)
Helvetiens neue Staatsverfassung von Seite des Einflusses der Religion und Sittlichkeit auf das Glück der Freystaaten (Orell, 1798)
Home, Lord Kames, Henry (1696-1782)
The gentleman farmer: Being an attempt to improve agriculture, by subjecting it to the test of rational principles, 4th ed. (Bell & Bradfute, 1798)
Isidore of Seville (c.560-636)  en
Opera omnia, denuo correcta et aucta, recensente Faustino Arevallo, qui Isidoriana praemisit, variorum praefationes, notas, collationes, qua editas qua nunc primum edendas, collegit, veteres editiones et codices mss. ro (typis Antonii Fulgonii, 1798)
La Rochefoucauld, François de (1613-1680)
De la Rochefoucault's Sätze aus der höheren Welt- und Menschenkunde (Korn, 1798)
Oeuvres morales ¬de ¬François ¬de ¬LaRochefoucault: suivies d'observations et d'un supplément ... (Decker, 1798)
Oeuvres morales de François Duc de La Rochefoucault. Suivies d'observations et d'un supplément destiné à servir de correctif à ses maximes, par Agricola de Fortia (1798)
Le Maistre de Sacy, Isaac Louis (1613-1684)
Erklärung der Heiligen Schrift nach dem buchstäblichen und geistlichen Verstande: Brief des heil. Paulus an die Römer, vol. 2 (Wolff, 1798)
Erklärung der Heiligen Schrift nach dem buchstäblichen und geistlichen Verstande: Der Psalmen ... zweyter Band, vol. 1 (Wolff, 1798)
Leighton, Robert (1611-1684)  en
The expository works : with other remains, (some of which were never before printed), of Robert Leighton, D.D., Archbishop of Glasgow, vol. 1 (Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute [etc.], 1798)
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