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Brem, Cornelis (1722-1803)
De Eer en Leer der hervormde Kerk gehandhaeft tegen de verkeerde voordracht van eenigen Haager Leerstellingen (1790)
Brucker, Johann Jakob (1696-1770)  en de
Institutiones historiae philosophicae (1790)
Campbell, George (1719-1796)
A dissertation on miracles: containing an examination of the principles advanced by David Hume, esq.; in An essay on miracles (Edinburgh : A. Kincaid & J. Bell, 1790)
Castell, Edmund (bap.1606-1685)  en
Lexicon hebraicum
Gottinga, 1790BSB 
Chalkley, Thomas (1675-1741)
[ Quaker ]
A collection of the works of Thomas Chalkley: In two parts (James & Johnson, 1790)
d'Holbach, Paul-Henri Thiry (1723-1789)
Élémens de la Morale Universelle: ou Catéchisme de la Nature (Bure, 1790)
Dathe, Johann August (1731-1791)  de
Prophetae minores: Ex recensione textus hebraei et versionum antiquarum latine versi notisque philologicis et criticis illustrati a Joanne Augusto Dathio, ed. Johann August Dathe (Orphanotrophei, 1790)
de la Bruyère, Jean (1645-1696)
Les caractères de Théophraste et de la Bruyère, vol. 1 (1790)
Dickinson, Jonathan (1688-1747)  en
God's Protecting Providence, man's surest help and defence, in times of the greatest difficulty, and most eminent danger. Evidenced in the remarkable deliverance of Robert Barrow, with divers other persons, from the devouring waves of the sea; amongst which they suffered shipwrack: and also ... (James Phillips, 1790)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Letters to and from the Rev. Philip Doddridge, D.D. late of Northampton: published from the originals: with notes explanatory and biographical: by Thomas Stedman (J. and W. Eddowes. Sold also by T. Longman, and T. Cadell, London; the principal booksellers in Oxford, Cambridge, &c. &c. by P. Sandford, T. Wood, S. Harwood, and Mrs. Pryse, booksellers in Shrewsbury, 1790)
The rise and progress of religion in the soul: addresses (1790)
Doederlein, Johann Christoph (1745-1792)
Christlicher Religionsunterricht nach den Bedürfnissen unserer Zeit
2nd ed. / Monath & Kusler, 1790GB 
2nd ed. / Nürnberg : Monath und Kußler
Vol. 1 (1790) GB 
Vol. 2 (1790) GB 
Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)  en
A careful and strict enquiry into the modern prevailing notions of that freedom of will, which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, virtue and vice, reward and punishment, praise and blame
Glasgow : David Niven, 1790GB 
4th ed. / Wilmington : James Adams, 1790IA 
5th ed. / London : J. Murgatroyd, 1790BNF 
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