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Erskine, John (1721-1803)
Sketches ad hints of church history, and theological controversy, vol. 1 (M. Gray., 1790)
Sketches and hints of church history, and theological controversy: Chiefly translated or abridged from modern foreign writers. By John Erskine, ... (M. Gray, 1790)
Erskine, Ralph (1685-1752)  en nl
Gospel sonnets : or, spiritual songs ..
Glasgow : J. Duncan & Son, 1792IA 
Philadelphia : John M'Culloch, 1793IA 
Gospel sonnets, or, Spiritual songs : in six parts ... (London : G. Terry, 1793)
Gospel sonnets: or, Spiritual songs, in six parts ... concerning creation and redemption, law and gospel, justification and sanctification, faith and sense, heaven and earth (J. and A. Duncan, booksellers, Glasgow, 1793)
Sermons and other practical works: Consisting of above one hundred and fifty sermons besides his poetical pieces. To which is prefixed an account of the author's life and writings with an elegiac poem, and large contents, vol. 1 (H. Mitchell, 1794)
Fisher, James (1697-1775)
The Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism explained, by way of question and answer, 12th ed. (John & Peter Wilson, 1792)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
Husbandry Spiritualized, Or, The Heavenly Use of Earthly Things: Consisting of Many Pleasant Observations, Pertinent Applications, and Serious Reflections : and Each Chapter Concluded with a Divine and Suitable Poem, Directing Husbandmen to the Most Excellent Improvements of Their Common ... (Shepard Kollock, 1794)
Fleming, Robert (c.1660-1716)
Apocalyptical Key, published in 1702, in a discourse [on Rev. xiv. 13] on the death of King William ... Being a vindication and enlargement of that Discourse, on the rise and fall of the Papacy, published in 1701, etc (1793)
Apocalyptical Key.-An extraordinary discourse on the rise and fall of Papacy; or, the pouring out of the vials in the Rev. of St. John, chap. xvi.: containing predictions respecting the revolutions of France, etc. Printed from the original, published in the year 1701 (1793)
Fleming, Robert (1630-1694)
A discourse on earthquakes: as supernatural and premonitory signs to a nation, especially as to what occured in the year 1692 ... (G. Terry, 1793)
Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier de (1657-1757)
Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes
Causse, 1794GB 
Dijon, 1794BSB 
Fordyce, James (1720-1796)  en
Sermons To Young Women : In Two Volumes / By James Fordyce, D. D. (London : Law and Cater Millar, 1794)
Gabler, Johann Philip (1753-1826)  en
De Librorum Ecclesiae Symbolicorum Et Legis Regiae Pro Tuenda Eorum Auctoritate Leopoldo Ii. Scriptae (Wahlcapitulation Artic. Ii. §. Viii.) Iusta Ratione Ad Libertatem Coetibus Evangelicis Propriam : Oratio In Festo Anniversario Petro-Paullino a. D. Xxviiii. M. Iun. a. C. Mdccxci. (Altorfii : Monath Et Kussler, 1791)
Gaussen, Etienne (-1675)
Stephani Gausseni, dissertationes I. De studii theologici ratione; II. De natura theologiae; III. De ratione concionandi, 7th ed. (apud C.F. van Paddenburg & Filium, 1792)
Stephani Gausseni, S.S. theologiae in academia Salmuriensi professoris, Dissertationes: I. De studii theologici ratione; II. De natura theologicae; III. De ratione concionandi, ed. Everard Scheid (Apud Sam. et Joh. Luchtmans, 1792)
Geleerde werelt, Boekzael
Maandelyke uittreksels, of Boekzaal der geleerde waerelt, vol. 127 (Amsterdam : A. Wor en de erven van G. Onder de Linden, 1794)
Genovesi, Antonio (1713-1769)  
Della virtu in generale, delle cause che la producono, e degl'indicj per conoscerla. Opuscolo dell'abate Antonio Genovesi, tradotto dal latino in italiano come in compendio e di qualche annotazione corredato dall'abate Michele Pavanello vicentino, e da esso dedicato all'ottimo e studioso giovane ... (Giovanni Rossi, 1792)
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