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Fabri, Honoré, S.J. (c.1607-1688)
Metaphysica demonstratiua, siue scientia rationum uniuersalium
Lyon : Joannes Champion, 1648GB 
Falck, Michael (1622-1676)
Tyrannis et tyrannus ex Politicis Aristotelis delineata (Kilius, 1648)
Felbinger, Jeremias (1616-1690)  en
Politicae christianae compendium (1648)
Felden, Johann von (-1668)
Architectura militaris (1648)
Fenner, William (c.1600-1640)  en
The sacrifice of the faithfull, or, A treatise shewing the nature, property, and efficacy of zealous prayer together with some motives to prayer, and helps against discouragements in prayer : to which is added seven profitable sermons (London : John Stafford ..., 1648)
The spirituall man's directorie guiding a Christian in the path that leads to true blessednesse in his III. maine duties towards God : how [brace] to believe, to obey, to pray [brace] : unfolding the [brace] Creed, X. Command., the Lords prayer (London : T.F. for John Rothvvell ..., 1648)
Wilfull impenitency, the grossest selfe-murder all they who are guilty of it, apprehended, tryed and condemned in these sermons, preached at Rochford in Essex not long before his death (London : E.G. for Iohn Rothwell ..., 1648)
Fijne, Paschier de (1588-1667)
Vermeerdert Kamper-steurtje van harde Eyeren, stercke Boter, ende bittere Mostaert. Toegemaeckt van eenen Hollandtschen Koopman, ende eenen Camperschen Schipper [...] Gedruckt voor die Campers (1648)
Witte-broot voor de Predicanten tot Campen, om het Camper-Steurtjen bequamelicken op te eeten (1648)
Witte-broot voor de predicanten tot Campen, om het Camper-Steurtjen bequamelicken op te eeten, vol. 1 (1648)
Filmer, Robert (1588-1653)
The anarchy of a limited or mixed monarchy. Or, A succinct examination of the fundamentals of monarchy, both in this and other kingdoms, as well about the right of power in kings, as of the originall or naturall liberty of the people: A question never yet disputed, though most necessary in these ... (1648)
Froidmont, Libert (1587-1653)  en fr
Lucerna Augustiniana (1648)
Fromm, Andreas (1621-1683)
Disputatio geographica prima de terrae motu (Francofurti ad Viadrum, 1648)
Fromme, Valentin (1601-1675)
Vom Straff-Ampt der Prediger (Haken, 1648)
Gabriel, Steffan (1565-1638)  de
Catechismus, Das ist/ Ein kurtze Summ des Glaubens/ oder der Lehr der Patriarchen/ Propheten und Aposteln/ für die Jugend in den Pündten / Durch Stephanum Gabrielem Pfarherren zu Jlantz/ und Decanum der Evangelischen Kirchen in dem oberen Pundt (Basel : Georg Decker, 1648)
Glaubens Wage nach der Richtschnur des h. Wort Gottes gerichtet (Basel, 1648)
Glaubens-Wage/ Nach der Richtschnur des H. Worts Gottes gerichtet/ mit welcher Die wahre Evangelische Religion gegen der widerwertigen Bäpstischen gehalten/ und abgewogen/ und zugleich auch hiemit erwiesen wird : Daß das Gewicht der Göttlichen/ ewigen Warheit bey der Evangelischen/ und nicht der jetzigen Römischen Bäpstischen Kirchen bestehe / Durch Stephanum Gabrielem Pfarherren zu Jlantz in den Pündten/ und Decanum der Evangelischen Kirchen des Oberen Punds/ anfangs in Romanischer Rhætischer Sprach publiciert: Jetzt aber/ den Christlichen Teutschen Gemeinden in den dreyen Pündten zu gutem/ in die Teutsche Sprach übergesetzt. Cum Privilegio Illustrissimorum D.D. Rh[ae]torum (Basel : Georg Decker, 1648)
Gage, Thomas (1603-1656)
The English-American his travail by sea and land: or, A new survey of the West-India's [sic], : containing a journall of three thousand and three hundred miles within the main land of America. Wherin is set forth his voyage from Spain to St. Iohn de Ulhua; and from thence to Xalappa, to Tlaxcalla, the City of Angeles, and forward to Mexico; with the description of that great city, as it was in former times, and also at this present. Likewise his journey from Mexico through the provinces of Guaxaca, Chiapa, Guatemala, Vera Paz, Truxillo, Comayagua; with his abode twelve years about Guatemala, and especially in the Indian-towns of Mixco, Pinola, Petapa, Amatitlan. As also his strange and wonderfull conversion, and calling from those remote parts to his native countrey. With his return through the province of Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, to Nicoya, Panama, Portobelo, Cartagena, and Havana, with divers occurrents and dangers that did befal in the said journey. Also, a new and exact discovery (London : R. Cotes, and are to be sold by Humphrey Blunden at the Castle in Cornhill, and Thomas Williams at the Bible in Little Britain, 1648)
Garissoles, Antoine (1587-1651)
Decreti synodici Carentoniensis de imputatione primi peccati Adae explicatio et defensio (Montalbani, 1648)
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