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Court, Antoine (1696-1760)
Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue latine, (Guillaume, libraire, rue Hautefeuille, N.0 14., 1788)
Crisp, Stephen (1628-1692)
[ Quaker ]
An Epistle of tender counsel and advice to all that have believed the truth [microform] : to exhort them to faithfulness thereunto (London : J. Phillips, 1787)
Scripture truths demonstrated, in thirty-two sermons; or, Declarations of Stephen Crisp (Philadelphia : J. James, 1787)
d'Holbach, Paul-Henri Thiry (1723-1789)
Élémens de la Morale Universelle: ou Catéchisme de la Nature (Bure, 1790)
System der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft: oder natürliche Grundsätze der Sittenlehre und Staatskunst: Nebst einer Untersuchung über den Einfluß der Regierung auf die Sitten. Aus dem Französischen übersetzt, vol. 2 (Meyer, 1788)
Dalham, Florian (1713-1795)
Concilia Salisburgensia provincialia et dioecesana jam inde ab hierarchiae hujus origine ... ad nostram usque actatem celebrata (etc.) Recensuit illustravit atque praefatus est Florianus Dalham (Matthaei Rieger filii, 1788)
Concilia Salisburgensia Provincialia Et Dioecesana: Iam Inde Ab Hierarchiae Huius Origine, Quoad Codices Suppetebant , Ad Nostram Usque Aetatem Celebrata. Adiectis Quoque Temporum Posteriorum Recessibus, Ac Conventis Inter Archiepiscopos, Et Vicinos Principes Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Causa Initis, ed. Florian Dalham (Rieger, 1788)
Concilia Salisburgensia provincialia et dioecesana: jam inde ab hierarchiae hujus origine, quoad codices suppetebant, ad nostram usque aetatem celebrata : adjectus quoque temporum posteriorum recessibus, ad conventis inter archiepiscopos, et vicinos principes rerum ecclesiasticarum causa initis, ed. Florian Dalham (Rieger et fil., 1788)
Dalrymple, John (1726-1810)
Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland. From the dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II. until the sea-battle off La Hogue. (vol. 2. Consisting chiefly of letters from the French ambassadors in England to their court; and from Charles II. James II. King William, and Queen Mary, and the ... (A. Strahan; T. Cadell, 1790)
Dalrymple, William (1723-1814)
Family worship explained and recommended in four sermons, from Josh. xxiv, 15 ...: to which are added specimens of short prayers from the Psalms and Assembly's hymns (The Author, 1787)
For the use of Lord's day schools : Two scripture catechisms. I. For children who are just begun to read distinctly; II. For those about eleven or twelve years of age
Kilmarnock printed by J. Wilson, for Messrs. J. Hunter and W. Neil : teachers of the English schools in Ayr, 1788IA 
A history of Christ, for the use of the unlearned, with short explanatory notes, and practical reflections, humbly recommended to parents and teachers of youth in schools
New York : Edinburgh the author and sold by E. Balfour [etc, 1787IA 
Darrell, William (1651-1721)
Istenes jóságra, és szerentsés boldog életre oktatott nemes ember (Füskúti Landerer Mihály költségével és bet?ivel, 1787)
Dathe, Johann August (1731-1791)  de
Prophetae minores: Ex recensione textus hebraei et versionum antiquarum latine versi notisque philologicis et criticis illustrati a Joanne Augusto Dathio, ed. Johann August Dathe (Orphanotrophei, 1790)
de la Bruyère, Jean (1645-1696)
Les caractères de Théophraste et de La Bruyère, vol. 2 (1789)
Les caractères de Théophraste et de la Bruyère, vol. 1 (1790)
de Luc, Jean André (1727-1817)
Idées Sur La Météorologie, vol. 1 (Duchesne, 1787)
Idées sur la météorologie, vol. 1 (Duchesne, 1787)
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