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Bertling, Ernst August (1721-1769)  de
D. Ernst August Bertlings Unterricht vom P├Ąpstlichen Jubel Jahr und vom Ablas, zu mehrerer Einsicht und Beurtheilung des von Benedict dem Xiv auf das Jahr 1750 ausgeschriebenen Jubel Jahrs (Helmstedt : Weygand, 1749)
De iure gentium voluntario (Hagerus, 1745)
Diss. ... de Christi sepultura non in improborum, sed in divitis sepulcro facta, ad Es. 53, 9
Leuckard, 1749GB 
Diss. philos. meditationum de natura sive tentaminis philosophiae theoreticae universalibus specimen II. exhibens (1745)
Dissertatio Theologico-Exegetica De Christi Sepvltvra Non In Improborvm, Sed In Divitis Sepvlcro Facta Ad Es. LIII. v. IX. (Helmstadii, 1749)
Ernst August Bertlings Unterricht vom papstlichen Jubel-Jahr und vom Ablas: zu mehrerer Einsicht und Beurtheilung des von Benedict dem XIV. auf das Jahr 1750 ausgeschriebenen Jubel-Jahrs
Weygand, 1749GB 
Qvuv dvuvmviri incomparabiles, scilicet vir magnificvs ... Christoph. Augustus Hevmannvs ... nec non vir svmme venerabilis ... Georgivs Henricvs Ribovivs ... professores SS. theologiae pvblici ordinarii in hac regia Georgia Augusta crearentvr ... hoc pvblico scripto, in qvo dvplex Cartesii ... (Hagerus, 1745)
Beverland, Adriaan (1650-1715)  en
Epistolae XII, ad viros sui temporis clarissimos conscriptae (Amsterdam, 1747)
Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (1693-1750)
Dilucidationes philosophicae de Deo, anima humana, mundo, et generalibus rerum affectionibus (Sumtibus Johannis Georgii Cottae, 1746)
Blount, Charles (1645-1693)
A summary account of the Deists religion in a letter to that excellent physician,the late Dr. Thomas Sydenham : to which are annex'd, some curious remarks on the immortality of the soul, and an essay by the celebrated poet, John Dryden --- to prove that natural religion is alone necessary to salvation, in opposition to all divine revelation (London, 1745)
Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738)  en
Aphorismes de Monsieur Herman Boerhaave sur la connoissance et la cure des maladies (Huart, 1745)
Aphorismes sur la connoissance et la cure des maladies (1745)
Aphorismi de cognoscendis et curandis morbis (Felseeker, 1747)
Boerhaave's medical correspondence : containing the various symptoms of chronical distempers, the professor's opinion, method of cure and remedies : to which is added Boerhaave's practice in the hospital at Leyden, with his manner of instructing his pupils in the cure of diseases (London : John Nourse, at the Lamb, opposite Katherine Street in the Strand, 1745)
Elementa chemiae, vol. 2 (sumtibus Joannis Rudolphi Imhoff, 1745)
Elementa Chemiae: Qui continet historiam et artis theoriam
Cavelier, 1745GB 
Vol. 1 (1749) GB 
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