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Suarez, Francisco, S.J. (1548-1617)  en es
Opera omnia, ed. Louis Vives ((París)), Charles Berton (Paris : L. Vivès)
Vol. 6 (1857)
Vol. 7 (1857) [Commentaria ac disputationes in primam secundae D. Thomae, de gratia; operis de gratia divina tripartiti partem primam hic reperies, continentem prolegomena sex, duosque priores de necessitate gratiae ad honesta opera libros, cum indicibus ...] GB 
Vol. 8 (1857) [Commentaria ac disputationes in primam secundae D. Thomae, de gratia; operis de gratia divina tripartiti partem secundam hic reperies, continentem tres ultimos libros de gratia actuali, cum indicibus necessariis] GB 
Sykes, Arthur Ashley (1684-1756)
An enquiry when the resurrection of the body, or flesh, was first inserted into the public creeds, publ. by G. Sykes. Repr, ed. George Sykes (1857)
Tatianus Syrus (c.120-180)
Opera quae exstant omnia (Migne, 1857)
Taylor, Jeremy (1613-1667)  en
The rule and exercises of holy dying
Bell and Daldy, 1857GB 
London : Bell and Daldy, 1857IA 
The rules and exercises of holy dying: together with prayers and acts of virtue to be used by sick and dying persons, or by others standing in their attendance ; to which are added rules for the visitation of the sick, and offices proper for that ministry (John Henry and James Parker, 1857)
Tomkinson, Thomas (1631-1710)  en
A system of religion ... (London : T. Goode, 1857)
Toplady, Augustus (1740-1778)  en
The complete works of Augustus M. Toplady : with a memoir of the author and extracts from his diary (London : J. Cornish, 1857)
Ussher, James (1581-1656)  en
The doctrine of a divine special providence illustrated; a sermon preached in the Episcopal Church, Brantford, on Sunday, Mar. 29th, 1857.Being an attempt to improve the recent railroad disaster at the Desjardine's Canal Bridge, near the city of Hamilton, on the 12th of March. (Brantford, Printed by Oliver & Humphries : Brantford Herald Office, 1857)
Valesius, Franciscus (1524-1592)
Etudes our les Inondations: leurs causes et leurs effets ... (V. Dalmont, 1857)
Vermeer, Justus (1695-1745)
De leere der waarheid, die naar de godzaligheid is, voorgesteld, bevestigd en toegepast in LXXXV oefeningen over den Heidelbergschen Katechismus, vol. 2 (I.J. Malga, 1857)
Viret, Pierre (1511-1571)  en fr
Satyres Chrestiẽnes de la cuisine Papale : (Vignette.). Imprimé par Conrad Badius, M. D. LX. Auec Priuilege (Réimpression faite à Genève : M. Gustave Revilliod par Jules-Guillaume Fick, 1857)
Willison, John (1680-1750)
Sacramental meditations and advices: with a short Christian directory (Congregational Board of Publication, 1857)
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