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Oeser, Gaudentius (fl.1765-1769)
Positiones theologicae de deo actibus humanis, peccatis, et iure ac iustitia (Tegernsee, 1769)
Oetinger, Friedrich Christoph (1702-1782)
Kurzgefat?e Grundlehre des berühmten Würtenbergischen Prälaten Bengels betreffend den Schauplatz der Herabkunft Jesu zum Gericht des Anti-Christs: Samt e. Kupfer (1769)
Olevian, Caspar (1536-1587)  en de
De vaste grond Dat is: De articulen van het oud, waarachtig, ongetwyfeld christelyk geloof, allen christenen ... ten goede verklaard, en toegeschreven (Johannes Wessing, Willemsz, 1769)
Owen, Henry (1716-1795)
An enquiry into the present state of the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, vol. 2 (1769)
Pallavicino, Sforza (1607-1667)  en it
Vera Oecumenici Concilii Tridentini, Contra Exurgentes Lutheri, Aliorumque Haereses ... Historia: Contra Falsam Petri Suavis Polani Narrationem Scripta ... (Rieger, 1769)
Petty, William (1623-1687)
Tracts: chiefly relating to Ireland. Containing: I. A treatise of taxes and contributions. II. Essays in political arithmetic. III. The political anatomy of Ireland (Boulter Grierson, 1769)
Pictet, Bénédict (1655-1724)  en fr
Cantiques sacrez pour les principales solemnitez des chrétiens et sur divers autres sujets (Lausanne : J. P. Heubach et Comp., 1769)
Cinq catéchismes pour instruire les jeunes gens dans la religion réformée (Neuchâtel : Samuel Fauche, 1769)
Neue Predigerbibliothek, oder Auszüge aus denen Predigten berühmter Männer, die sie über die Sonn- und Festtäglichen Evangelia und Episteln, wie auch über andere Sprüche der heiligen Schrift gehalten : Zu allgemeiner Erbauung
Danzig : Schuster, 1769GDZ 
Pirie, Alexander (1737-1804)
A review of principles and conduct of the Seceders with reasons of the author's separation from the Burghers in particular (Edinburgh : W. Gray, 1769)
Pluche, Noël Antoine (1688-1761)
Istoria del cielo, tr. dal fr. [of N.A. Pluche]. (1769)
Politianus, Angelus (1454-1494)
Coniurationis Pactianae anni 1478 Commentarium
Neapoli, 1769BSB 
Price, Richard (1723-1791)
A review of the principal questions and difficulties in morals, 2nd ed. (T. Cadell, 1769)
A review of the principal questions and difficulties in morals, particularly those relating to the original of our ideas of virtue, its nature, foundation, reference to the deity, obligation, subject-matter, and sanctions (London : T. Cadell, 1769)
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)  en
Considerations on differences of opinion among Christians; with a letter to mr. Venn, in answer to his Free and full examination of the address to Protestant dissenters, on the subject of the Lord's supper (J. Johnson and J. Payne, 1769)
Pufendorf, Samuel (1632-1694)  en de
De officio hominis et civis secundum legem naturalem libri duo (Joh. Luchtmans)
Vol. 1 (1769)
Vol. 2 (1769) GB 
Lugduni Batavorum : apud S. et J. Luchtmans, 1769IA 
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