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Lowth, Robert (1710-1787)
De sacra poesi Hebræorum prælectiones academicæ Oxonii habitæ (E Typographeo Clarendoniano, 1763)
De sacra Poesi Hebræorum prælectiones academicæ Oxonii habitæ. ... Subjicitur Metricæ Harianæ brevis Confutatio: et Oratio Crewiana (1763)
A Short Introduction to English Grammar: With Critical Notes ..., 2nd ed. (A. Millar, and R. and J. Dodsley, 1763)
Mabillon, Jean (1632-1707)
Stimuli A. R. P. Joannis Mabillonii Benedictini Ad Excitandos, & Animandos Religiosos, Ut Se Se Studiis Applicent (1763)
Stimuli A. R. P. Joannis Mabillonii Benedictini ad excitandos, & animandos religiosos, ut sese studiis applicent
Stimuli ad excitandos, & animandos religiosos, ut se se studiis applicent.... (Englerth, 1763)
Macknight, James (1721-1800)
A harmony of the four gospels: in which the natural order of each is preserved : with a paraphrase and notes, 2nd ed., vol. 2 (William Strahan, 1763)
The truth of the Gospel history shewed: in three books (A. Millar, R. Baldwin, R. Horsfield, W. Johnston, T. Longman, and C. Henderson, 1763)
Massillon, Jean Baptiste (1663-1742)
Fastenpredigten, welche vor dem Könige in Frankreich Ludwig dem Funfzehnten gehalten worden: Aus dem Französischen übersetzt, vol. 4 (Walther, 1763)
Mayhew, Jonathan (1720-1766)
Christian sobriety : being eight sermons on Titus 2:6 preached with a special view to the benefit of the young men usually attending the public worship at the West Church in Boston : published more particularly at their desire, and dedicated to them (Boston : Richard and Samuel Draper; Edes and Gill; Thomas and John Fleet, 1763)
Christian sobriety: being eight sermons on Titus II.6, preached with a special view to the benefit of the young men usually attending the public worship at the West Church in Boston (R. & S. Draper, 1763)
Observations on the charter and conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts: designed to shew their non-conformity to each other. With remarks on the mistakes of East Apthorp, M.A. ... By Jonathan Mayhew, ... To which is subjoined Apthorp's Considerations (Boston, in New-England, printed: London, reW. Nicoll, 1763)
Two sermons on the nature, extent and perfection of the divine goodness : delivered December 9, 1762 : being the annual Thanksgiving of the province, etc. : on Psalm 145.9 : published with some enlargements (Boston : D. and J. Kneeland, 1763)
Mill, John (1645-1707)
Novum Testamentum juxta exemplar Millianum
e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1763GB 
Milton, John (1608-1674)
Das verlohrne Paradieß / 2 (Altona, 1763)
Mirabeau, Victor de (1715-1789)
Philosophie rurale ou économie générale et politique de l'agriculture... (les Libraires associés, 1763)
Monro, Alexander (1697-1767)
The Anatomy of the Human Bones, Nerves, and Lacteal Sac and Duct, 7th ed. (G. Hamilton, and J. Balfour, 1763)
Mosheim, Johann Lorenz von (1693-1755)  en de
Anweisung erbaulich zu predigen, ed. Christian Ernst von Windheim (Wolfgang Walther, 1763)
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