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Dürr, Johann Conrad (1625-1677)
Compendium theologiae moralis (1698)
Compendium Theologiae Moralis : in quo Virtutes & Officia Hominis Christiani, tum in genere, tum in specie in certis vitae Statibus considerati, explicantur, & variae Quaestiones Practicae deciduntur (Altdorfi[i] Noricorum : Ziegerus Meyerus, 1698)
Edwards, John (1637-1716)  en
Sermons on special occasions and subjects ... by John Edwards ... (London : Jonathan Robinson ... and John Wyat ..., 1698)
Edwards, Jonathan (c.1638-1712)  en
A preservative against Socinianism : shewing the direct and plain opposition between it, and the religion revealed by God in the Holy Scriptures., part 1-3 (Oxon : Theater for H. Clements, 1698)
A preservative against Socinianism : shewing the direct opposition between it and the Christian religion, particularly in those two great fundamental articles of our faith, concerning original sin, and the redemption of the world by the death and sufferings of our blessed Saviour. The second part. By Jonathan Edwards D.D. (Oxon : Theater for H. Clements, 1698)
Engelke, Heinrich Askanius (1675-1734)
Censor Censura Dignus, h.e. Dissertatio, Ostendens, Quod P. Gassendus Scopum Suum Per Argumenta Contra Aristotelis Philosophiam In Exercitationibus Paradoxicis Prolata, Obtinere Nequeat (Rostochi[i] : Richelius, 1698)
Erasmus, Desiderius (c.1466-1536)  en de
Colloquia (H. et Viduae T. Boom, 1698)
Fabritius, Johann Ludwig (1632-1697)
Opera omnia, quibus praemittitur Historia vitae et obitus ejusdem, ed. Johann Heinrich Heidegger
ed. Johann Heinrich Heidegger (Tiguri : typis & impensis Davidis Gessner, 1698)e-rara 
Faust, Isaak (1631-1702)
Exercitatio theologica alia in dictum Levit. XVII, 2
Argentorati, 1698SLUB 
I. N. D. N. I. C. Exercitatio Theologica Tertia In Dictvm Levit. XVII, II (Argentorati, 1698)
Fecht, Johann (1636-1716)
Admirandum Generationis, Processionis Et Missionis Mysterium Sub Dei - Hominis Auspicio Theologicae Facultatis Puncto Honorabili Directorio Viri ... Dn. Johannis Fechtii, Theologi Doctoris ... Publico Eruditionis Examini Ad Diem Ult. Decembr. Anni MDCXCVIII. H.L.Q.C. Georgius Fridericus Niehenck Rostochiensis Autor Sisto ([Rostock] : Charactere Wepplingiano, 1698)
Diss. theol. praeadamitismi recens incrustati examen complectens (1698)
Selectiorum Ex Universa Theologia Controversiarum, Recentiorum Praecipue, Sylloge, Iuxta ordinem Theologiae Positivae B. D. Königii Thesibus comprehensa, Inq[ue] usum Privatorum Disputandi Exercitiorum adornata (Rostochi[i] : Richelius, 1698)
Ferguson, Robert (c.1637-1714)  en
A view of an ecclesiastick in his socks & buskins, or, A just reprimand given to Mr. Alsop, for his foppish, pedantick, detractive and petulant way of writing (London : John Marshall ..., 1698)
A view of an ecclesiastick in his socks and buskins: or, A just reprimand given to mr. Alsop, for his foppish, pedantick, detractive, and petulant way of writing [by R. Ferguson.]. (For John Marshall, 1698)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
Navigation spiritualiz'd: or, A new compass for seamen consisting of XXXII points of pleasant observations, profitable applications, and serious reflections: all concluded with so many spiritual poems. Whereunto is now added, I. A sober consideration of the sin of drunkenness. II. The harlots face in the Scripture-glass. III. The art of preserving the fruit of the lips. IV. The resurrection of buried mercies and promises. V. The sea-mans catechism. Being an essay toward their much desir'd reformation from the horrible and destable [sic] sins of drunkenness, swearing, uncleanness, forgetfulness of mercies, violation of promises, and atheistical contempt of death. Fit to be seriously recommmended to their profane relations, whether sea-men or others, by all such as unfeignedly desire their eternal welfare. By John Flavel, minister of the Gospel. (London : M. Fabian in Mercers Chappel at the lower end of Cheapside, 1698)
Pneumatologia: A Treatise of the Soul of Man: Wherein the Divine Original, Excellent and Immortal Nature of the Soul are Opened ..., 2nd ed. (J.D., 1698)
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