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Coles, Elisha (c.1608-1688)
A practical discourse of God's sovereignty : with other material points derived thence (London : J. Murgatroyd, by James Chalmers, 1794)
Comber, Thomas (1645-1699)
An explanation of the Church catechism (York, 1792)
Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1670)  en
La Excelente Puerta De Las Lenguas, O Introduccion Al Estudio De Ellas Por Muchissimas Descripciones De Cosas Corporales Y Morales / Obra Traducia Del Latin de Juan Amos Comenio Por Luis Henrique Teucher, Y Por El Mismo Aumentada De Un Indice De Vocablos Español y Aleman (Leipzig : Schwickert, 1794)
Crisp, Tobias (1600-1643)  en
Christ alone exalted: in the perfection and encouragements of the saints, notwithstanding sins and trials, 4th ed., ed. John Gill, vol. 1 (R. Noble, for J. Murgatroyd, 1791)
Crombie, Alexander (1762-1840)
An Essay on Philosophical Necessity (J. Johnson, 1793)
Crook, John (c.1616-1699)
[ Quaker ]
The design of Christianity : with other books, epistles, and manuscripts of that ancient faithful servant of Christ Jesus, John Crook ; to which is prefixed a short account of his life written by himself (London : J. Phillips, 1791)
Cureau de la Chambre, Marin (c.1594-1669)
Anleitung zur Menschenkenntni? (1794)
Anleitung zur Menschenkenntniß (Jena, 1794)
d'Holbach, Paul-Henri Thiry (1723-1789)
Élémens de la Morale Universelle: ou Catéchisme de la Nature (Bure, 1790)
System der Natur: oder von den Gesetzen der Physischen und Moralischen Welt, vol. 1 (1791)
Dalrymple, John (1726-1810)
Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland. From the dissolution of the last Parliament of Charles II. until the sea-battle off La Hogue. (vol. 2. Consisting chiefly of letters from the French ambassadors in England to their court; and from Charles II. James II. King William, and Queen Mary, and the ... (A. Strahan; T. Cadell, 1790)
Dalrymple, William (1723-1814)
The Mosaic account of Creation ... illustrated; or, A humble walk with God (1794)
Dana, James (1735-1812)
The African slave trade : a discourse delivered in the city of New-Haven, September 9, 1790, before the Connecticut' Society for the Promotion of Freedom. (1791)
Dathe, Johann August (1731-1791)  de
Pentateuchus ex recensione textus hebraei et versionum antiquarum latine versus notisque philologicis [microform] (Halae : Sumtibus Orphanotrophei, 1791)
Prophetae minores: Ex recensione textus hebraei et versionum antiquarum latine versi notisque philologicis et criticis illustrati a Joanne Augusto Dathio, ed. Johann August Dathe (Orphanotrophei, 1790)
de la Bruyère, Jean (1645-1696)
Les caractères de Théophraste et de la Bruyère, vol. 1 (1790)
De Sales, François (1567-1622)
Introducción a la vida devota, trans. Pedro de Silva (la viuda de Ibarra, 1793)
Práctica del amor de Dios (Imp. Ramón Ruiz, 1793)
de Volney, Constantin-François de Chassebœuf (1757-1820)
Les ruines ou méditations sur les révolutions des empires par M. Volney (Desenne, 1791)
Dickinson, Jonathan (1688-1747)  en
God's Protecting Providence, man's surest help and defence, in times of the greatest difficulty, and most eminent danger. Evidenced in the remarkable deliverance of Robert Barrow, with divers other persons, from the devouring waves of the sea; amongst which they suffered shipwrack: and also ... (James Phillips, 1790)
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