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Monro, Alexander (1733-1817)
Vergleichung des Baues und der Physiologie der Fische mit dem Bau des Menschen (1787)
Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727)  en
Optique (Leroy)
Vol. 1 (1787)
Vol. 2 (1787) GB 
Ph. D. Pierres, chez Leroy
Vol. 1 (1787) GB 
Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464)  en
Des Kardinals Nicolaus von Cusa Dialogus von der Uebereinstimmung oder Einheit des Glaubens / Mit Zusätzen von D. Joh. Sal. Semler (Leipzig : Beer, 1787)
Opstraet, Jan (1651-1720)
Theologiae dogmaticae, moralis, practicae et scholasticae, volumina sex ()
Vol. 1 (1787)
Vol. 4 (1787) GB 
Theologiae dogmaticae, moralis, practicae, et scholasticae
ed. Baldassare Comini ((Pavia)) (in typographeo Monast. S. Saluatoris, 1787)GB 
in typographeo Monast. S. Salvatoris, 1787GB 
Paine, Thomas (1737-1806)
Prospects on the Rubicon: or, An investigation into the causes and consequences of the politics to be agitated at the meeting of parliament [by T. Paine.]. (1787)
Pascal, Blaise (1623-1662)  en
Pensées (1787)
Pey, Jean (1720-1797)
Observations sur la théologie de Lyon [by J. Valla and others] intitulée: Institutiones theologicæ (1787)
Observations sur la Théologie de Lyon, intitulée : (1787)
Le Sage dans la Solitude: imité en partie, de l'ouvrage d'Young, qui porte le même titre (Guillot, 1787)
Pirie, Alexander (1737-1804)
Appendix to a dissertation on baptism ... : in a series of letters addressed to Mr. M'Lean (Perth : Author, 1787)
Price, Richard (1723-1791)
Discours sur l'amour de la patrie : prononcé le 4 novembre 1789 (Paris : Prault ..., 1787)
The evidence for a future period of improvement in the state of mankind, with the means and duty of promoting it; represented in a discourse, delivered on Wednesday the 25th of April, 1787, at the meeting-house in the Old Jewry, London, to the supporters of a New Academical Institution among Protestant Dissenters; [to which are added two Reports] (London : Cadell, 1787)
A review of the principal questions in morals: Particularly those respecting the origin of our ideas of virtue, its nature, relation to the deity, obligation, subject-matter, and sanctions, 3rd ed. (T. Cadell, 1787)
Sermons on the Christian doctrine as received by the different denominations of Christians : to which are added, sermons on the security and happiness of a virtuous course, on the goodness of God, and the resurrection of Lazarus (Dublin : John Exshaw, 1787)
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