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Dickinson, Edmund (1624-1707)  en
Physica Vetus Et Vera (Hamburgi : Pfeiffer Liebezeit, 1705)
Physica vetus et vera (Hamburgum, 1705)
Drake, James (1667-1707)
The memorial of the Church of England: humbly offer'd to the consideration of all true lovers of our church and constitution / added author(s): John Toland
London printed, 1705IA 
The memorial of the state of England : in vindication of the Queen, the Church and the administration .. (London : The booksellers of London and Westminster, 1705) / added author(s): John Toland
Drexel, Jeremias, S.J. (1581-1638)
De dood ofte voorloper van de eeuwigheyt (voor Christianus Vermey, 1705)
Du Hamel, Jean-Baptiste (1624-1706)  en
Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis (Apud Dionysium Mariette, 1705)
Metaphysica (Apud viduam C. Thibout et P. Esclassan, 1705)
Philosophia universalis, sive commentarius in universam Aristotelis philosophiam ad usum scholarum comparatam (apud viduam Claudii Thiboust et Petrum Esclassan)
Vol. 3 (1705)
Vol. 4 (1705) GB 
Physica generalis (Apud viduam C. Thibout et P. Esclassan, 1705)
Dubrit, Isaac (-1742)
La verité de la religion chrétienne démontrée contre les dentes des incrédules on Sermon sur la 2. Ep. de St. Pierre Ch. I v. 16. (Basle : Jean Brandmuller, le fils, 1705)
Eachard, John (bap.1637-1697)  en
Dr. Eachard's Works, ...: To which are Added Five Letters, Etc, 11th ed. (J. Phillips at the King's Arms in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1705)
Works (London : F. Phillips, 1705)
Edwards, John (1637-1716)  en
The Preacher : a discourse, shewing, what are the particular offices and employments of those of that character in the church ; with a free censure of the most common failings and miscarriages of persons in that sacred employment ; to which is added a catalogue of some authors who may be beneficial to young preachers and students in divinity
London : J. Robinson, J. Lawrence, and J. Wyat, 1705GB 
Feustking, Johann Heinrich (1672-1713)
Hodegeticum Concordantiale, sive De recondito Concordantiarum Lanckisianarum usu in Homilis sacris Hypomnemata : Pridem in Auditorum suorum gratiam edita potius, quam promulgata, 3rd ed. (Lipsiae, 1705)
Das Leben des ersten verehlichten Predigers, Bartholomäi Bernhardi von Feldkirchen, in einer Gedächtni-︣Predigt, am Tage Bartholomäi anno 1704: Samt einem Anhang derer, von Zeiten der Reformation an, daselbst gewesenen Pröbste (Zimmermann, 1705)
Fleetwood, William (1656-1723)  en
A sermon preached before the Queen: at Windsor, June 17th, 1705. By W. Fleetwood, ... (Ch. Harper, 1705)
Fleming, Robert (c.1660-1716)
Christology : a discourse concerning Christ : consider'd I. In himself, II. In his government, and III. In relation to his subjects and their duty to him ..., vol. 1 (London : Andrew Bell, 1705)
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