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Seiler, Georg Friedrich (1733-1807)
De N. T. locis quibusdam, erroneae doctrinae de angelorum vi et dignitate, Christi dignitatem superante, oppositis: Ad sacra pentecostalia ... (Kunstmann, 1797)
Kurzer Inbegriff der Kirchengeschichte des neuen Testamentes in Tabellen (Erlangen : Achte verbesserte Auflage, 1797)
Ueber die göttlichen Offenbarungen, vornehmlich die welche Jesus und seine Gesandten empfangen haben, vol. 2 (Bibelanstalt, 1797)
Shepard, Thomas (1605-1649)  en
The parable of the ten virgins, opened and applied : Being the substance of divers sermons, on Matthew XXV. I, -14, ed. Jonathan Mitchel (Falkirk : T. Johnston, 1797) [2 vols. in 1]
Sherlock, Thomas (1678-1761)
Discourses preached on several occasions (Clarendon press, 1797)
Shields, Alexander (c.1660-1700)
A hind let loose ; or, An historical representation of the testimonies of the Church of Scotland, for the interest of Christ : With the true state thereof in all its periods (Glasgow : W. Paton for J. Kirk, Calton, the publisher, 1797)
Stapfer, Philipp Albert (1766-1840)
De natura, conditore et incrementis reipublicae ethicae, vol. 1 (1797)
Versuch eines Beweises der göttlichen Sendung ... Jesu (1797)
Stillingfleet, Edward (1635-1699)  en
Origines sacræ: or a rational account of the grounds of natural and revealed religion: To which is added part of another book upon the same subject, left unfinished by the author. Together with A letter to a deist. In two volumes. ... By ... Edward Stillingfleet, ... (at the Clarendon Press, 1797)
Storr, Gottlob Christian (1746-1805)
Argumenta ab apologetis sec. II. ad confirmandam relig. christ. veritatem ac praestantiam contra gentiles usurpata (typis Balzianis, 1797)
D. Gottlob Christiani Storr opuscula academica ad interpretationem Librorum sacrorum pertinentia (1797)
Opuscula academica ad interpretationem librorum sacrorum pertinentia, vol. 2 (1797)
Strieder, Friedrich Wilhelm (1739-1815)
Grundlage zu einer hessischen gelehrten und schriftsteller geschichte seit der reformation bis auf gegenwärtige zeiten, vol. 11 (Cassel, 1797) [Pfaffm-Roh; includes vol. 12 : Rhod-Schir]
Ussher, James (1581-1656)  en
Some striking and remarkable Predictions of ... Archbishop U. ... To which are added, a few interesting extracts from other ... authors, concerning the nature and end of a spiritual life (1797)
Valsecchi, Antonino, O.P. (1708-1791)
Panegirici e discorsi del padre maestro Antonino Valsecchi ... Opera postuma (1797)
Vattel, Emer de (1714-1767)   
The Law of Nations; or, Principles of the Law of Nature, applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns (London : G. G. and J. Robinson, 1797)
Wakefield, Gilbert (1756-1801)
A Letter to W. Wilberforce, Esq. on the subject of his late publication [entitled (1797)
A letter to William Wilberforce, esq. on the subject of his late publication, 2nd ed. (A. Hamilton, 1797)
Wilson, Samuel (1702-1750)
A Scripture-manual: Or, a Plain Representation of the Ordinance of Baptism. ... By Samuel Wilson. A New Edition, Revised by Abraham Booth. To which are Subjoined, Various Extracts from Learned Pædobaptist Authors (W. Button)
Vol. 3 (1797)
Vol. 5 (1797) GB 
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