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Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews;: With the Preliminary Exercitations, ed. Edward Williams (T. Pitcher, no. 44, Barbican; and sold also)
Vol. 3 (1790)
Vol. 4 (1790) GB 
Meditations and discourses of the Glory of Christ, in his person, office and grace; with the differences between faith and sight ... Whereunto is annexed a second part, being the application of the foregoing meditations, etc (1790)
Works; (London : Richard Baynes)
Vol. 11 (1790)
Vol. 12 (1790) IA 
Vol. 13 (1790) IA 
Vol. 14 (1790) IA 
Vol. 15 (1790) IA 
Vol. 16 (1790) IA 
Paley, William (1743-1805)  en
Horae paulinae: or, The truth of the Scripture history of St. Paul evinced by a comparison of the epistles which bear his name with the Acts of the Apostles and with one another (Faulder, 1790)
Palma-Cayet, Pierre-Victor (1525-1610)
Mémoires de Victor Palma Cayet, ou chronologie novenaire, contenant l'histoire de la guerre... (1790)
Patrick, Simon (1626-1707)  en
Simon Patricks, Lord-Bischofs zu Ely, Anleitung zum würdigen und nützlichen Gebrauch des heiligen Abendmahls / aus seinem grössern Nachtmahlbuch zum Gebrauch junger Communicanten zusammengezogen ; aus dem Englischen übersezt (Zürich : gedruckt in Bürklischer Druckerey, 1790)
Penn, William (1644-1718)  en
[ Quaker ]
Histoire abrégée de l'origine et de la formation de la société dite des Quakers (1790)
Histoire abrégée de l'origine et de la formation de la société dite des Quakers : ou sont exposés clairement leur principe fondamental, leur doctrine, leur culte, leur ministère, et leur discipline ; précédée d'une introduction ou il est traité en peu de mots des dispensations antérieures de Dieu aux hommes (Londres : J. Phillips, 1790)
Pey, Jean (1720-1797)
Dévoument Du Chrétien A La Très-Sainte Vierge (Guerbart, 1790)
La Loi de la nature... perfectionnée par la Loi évangélique (J.-F. Bassompierre, 1790)
Price, Richard (1723-1791)
A discourse on the love of our country: delivered on Nov. 4, 1789, at the meeting-house in the Old Jewry, to the Society for Commemorating the Revolution in Great Britain, 3rd ed. (G. Stafford, for T. Cadell, 1790)
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)  en
Experiments and observations on different kinds of air, and other branches of natural philosophy, connected with the subject: in three volumes, being the former six volumes abridged and methodized, with many additions (Thomas Pearson, and sold by J. Johnson, 1790)
Familiar letters, addressed to the inhabitants of Birmingham: in refutation of several charges, advanced against the Dissenters and Unitarians. By the Rev. Mr. Madan. Also, letters to Rev. Edward Burn, in answer to his on the infallibility of the Apostolic testimony concerning the person of ... (J. Thompson; and sold by J. Johnson, London, 1790)
A general history of the Christian church: to the fall of the western empire, vol. 2 (T. Pearson, and sold by J. Johnson, 1790)
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