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Clarke, Samuel (1675-1729)  en
Traités de l'existence et des attributs de Dieu: des devoirs de la religion naturelle et de la vérité de la religion chrétienne, 2nd ed., vol. 1 (J. F. Bernard, 1727)
Colliber, Samuel (fl.1718-c.1737)
Columna rostrata: or, A critical history of the English sea-affairs: wherein all the remarkable actions of the English nation at sea are described, and the most considerable events (especially in the account of the three Dutch wars) are proved, either from original pieces, or from the ...
R. Robinson, 1727GB 
Collins, Anthony (1676-1729)
The scheme of literal prophecy considered;: in a view of the controversy, occasioned by a late book, intitled, A discourse of the grounds and reasons of the Christian religion.. (1727)
Colman, Benjamin (1673-1747)
Fidelity to Christ and to the Protestant Succession in the Illustrious House of Hannover. A sermon preached at Boston in New-England, the Lord's-day after the proclaiming of King George the Second, etc (T. Hancock, 1727)
Contenson, Vincent, O.P. (1641-1674)
R. P. F. Vincentii Contenson... Theologia mentis et cordis : seu speculationes universae doctrinae sacrae... Editio novissima, perutili supplemento, de extrema unctione, ordine & matrimonio, hactenus plurimum desiderato, aucta & locupletata, in duos tomos (apud Joannem Baptistam Recurti, 1727)
Cremer, Bernard Sebastian (1683-1750)
Naziraeus ... : access. dissert. de Jesu Nazaraeo (Amstelodamum, 1727)
Naziraeus sive comm. litteralis et mysicus in Num cp. VI, et Jud. cp. XIII- XVI. access. Dissert. de Jesu Nazaraeo (Amstelaedami, 1727)
Cumberland, Richard (1632-1718)
A treatise of the laws of nature, trans. John Maxwell
trans. John Maxwell (London : R. Phillips, 1727)BNF 
Currie, John (c.1679-1765)
Jus populi divinum, or, The people's right to elect their pastors : made evident by scripture, confirmed from antiquity, and judgment of foreign protestant churches and divines since the Reformation ; as also from Books of Discipline, Acts of General Assemblies, and sentiments of our best writers in the Church of Scotland, & c (Edinburgh : William Brown ..., 1727)
Cyprian, Ernst Salomon (1673-1745)
Unpartheyischer Bericht vom Vorrecht der Erstgebohrnen In Illvstren Familien / Ernst Salomon Cyprian [erm. Verf.] (Gotha : Reyher, 1727)
de Boulainvilliers, Henri (1658-1722)
Histoire De L'Ancien Gouvernement De La France / 1 (La Haye ; Amsterdam : dépends de la Compagnie, 1727)
Histoire De L'Ancien Gouvernement De La France / 2 (La Haye ; Amsterdam : dépends de la Compagnie, 1727)
Histoire De L'Ancien Gouvernement De La France / 3 (La Haye ; Amsterdam : dépends de la Compagnie, 1727)
Memoires présentés a Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans
La Haye u.a., 1727BSB 
Mémoires presentés à Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans, régent de France / 1. (1727). - 158 S. (La Haye u.a., 1727)
Mémoires presentés à Monseigneur le Duc d'Orléans, régent de France / 2. (1727). - 230 S. (La Haye u.a., 1727)
Desing, Anselm (1699-1773)
Cogitationes De Vita Bene Degenda: Quibus Praecipua morum capita intimiùs considerantur, ad principia Ethico-Civilia, & maximè Christiana. Ad excitationem Omnis generis, ac Ordinis hominum publicae luci commissae (Mayr, 1727)
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