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Buxtorf, Johann, Sr (1564-1629)  en de
Epitome grammaticae Hebraeae, brevitèr & methodicè ad publicum scholarum usum proposita (impensis authoris, apud Georgium Deckerum, 1658)
Manuale Hebraicum et Chaldaicum
impensis authoristypis Georgii Deckeri, 1658GB 
Byfield, Nicholas (1579-1622)  en
Teeckenen of proeven aengaende de versekering van Godts liefde, en s'menschen saligheyt (Utrecht : Henricus Versteegh, 1658)
Calamy, Edmund (1600-1666)  en
The Godly mans ark, or, City of refuge, in the day of his distresse discovered in divers sermons, the first of which was preached at the funerall of Mistresse Elizabeth Moore : the other four were afterwards preached, and are all of them now made publick, for the supportation and consolation of the saints of God in the hour of tribulation : hereunto are annexed Mris. [sic] Moores evidences for heaven, composed and collected by her in the time of her health, for her comfort in the time of sickness (London : John Hancock ..., and for Tho. Parkhurst ..., 1658)
A patterne for all, especially for noble and honourable persons, to teach them how to die nobly and honourably.:Delivered in a sermon preached at the solemne interment of the corps of the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Warwick. Who aged 70 years 11. months, died April 19. And was honorably buried, May 1. 1658. at Felsted in Essex. By Edmund Calamy B.D. and pastor of the church at Aldermanbury. (London : Edward Brewster, at the Crane in Pauls Church-yard, 1658)
Calixt, Georg (1586-1656)  de en
De Pontifice Romano Orationes tres (Helmstadium, 1658)
De Pontifice Romano Orationes Tres / Quas e Mss. excerpsit & edidit Fridericus Ulricus G. F. Calixtus ...
Helmestadii : Johann Georg Typographeum Calixtinum HelmstedtTäger, 1658HAB 
Helmestadii : Typographeum Calixtinum ; Täger, Johann Georg, 1658HAB 
De Tolerantia Reformatorum Circa Quaestiones Inter Ipsos Et Augustanam Confessionem Professos Controversas Consultatio
Taeger, 1658GB 
Helmstadii : Taeger, 1658BSB 
De Veritate Unicae Religinis Christianae Et Autoritate Antiquitatis Ecclesiasticae Dissertationes. Accessit alia posteriori affinis ... / Autore Friderico Vlrico Calixto ... (Francofurti : Calixtus Ammon & Serlini, 1658)
Dissertationes de Veritate unicae Rel. christianae
Helmstadium, 1658BSB 
In Beatam D. Georgii Calixti Analysin Epicedia (Helmstadii : Typis Calixtinis, 1658)
Calov, Abraham (1612-1686)  de en
Bergius Senior autokatakritos gemino tractatu (Hake, 1658)
Bergius senior autokatakritos gemino tractatu ... palam demonstratus (Wittenberg, 1658)
Collegii Biblici Anti-Grotiani Primi Super Annotata In Pentateuchum, Et Libros Historicos V. T. Grotianorum, Maxime In Locis Fidei, Et Vaticiniis Praecipuis, Elenctica Dissertatio Tertia / Publica Ad Geneseos Iii. Caput. in Electorali Wittebergensi proposita Abraham Calovio ... Respondente M. Johanne Simonis, Dresd. Schol. Witteb. ConR. ... ad d. 9. Septembr. (Wittebergae : Röhnerus, 1658)
Collegii Biblici Anti-Grotiani Primi Super Annotata In Pentateuchum, Et Libros Historicos V. T. Grotianorum, Maxime In Locis Fidei, Et Vaticiniis Praecipuis, Elenctica. Dissertatio Prima Eisodios De Hugonis Grotii fide: ... / Quam Disputationis Ordinariae vicem in Electorali Wittebergensi Universitate proposuit Abraham Calovius ... Respondente M. Paulo Philippo Röbero, Witteb. ... ad diem Vi. Maii (Wittebergae : Röhnerus, 1658)
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