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Camus de Pont-Carré, Jean-Pierre (1584-1652)
Homélies sur la Passion de Nostre-Seigneur (Rouen : F. Vaultier, 1641)
Carpenter, Richard (c.1604-1670)
Experience historie and divinitie (London : Stafford, 1641)
Experience, Historie, and Divinitie (London : John Stafford, 1641)
Cellarius, Balthasar (1614-1689)  de
Politica succincta
Jena, 1641BSB 
Cellot, Louis, S.J. (1588-1658)  en
De hierarchia et hierarchis libri IX... (1641)
Ludov. Cellotii De hierarchia et hierarchis: libri IX. (1641)
Chauncy, Charles (bap.1592-1672)  en
The retraction of Mr. Charles Chancy formerly minister of Ware in Harfordshire wherein is proved the unlawfulnesse and danger of rayling in altars or communion tables : written with his own hand before his going to New England, in the yeer, 1637 : published by his own direction for the satisfaction of all such who either are, or justly might bee offended with his scandalous submission, made before the high commission court Feb. 11. anno, 1635. (London : [s.n], 1641)
Chemnitz, Martin (1522-1586)  en de
Examinis Concilii Tridentini ... Opus integrum (1641)
Harmoniae evangelicae a praestantiss. theol. D.M. Chemnitio primum inchoatae, et per D. Polycarpum Lyserum continuatae, libri quinque ; accessit In harmoniam hist. evangelicae de passione, crucifixione, morte, sepultura, resurrectione et ascensione Christi Salvatoris nostri, ex quatuor ... (ex typographia Jacobi Stoer, 1641)
Church of Scotland
The service, discipline and forme of the Common prayers and administration of the sacraments, used in the English Church of Geneva : as it was approved by that most reverend divine, M. Iohn Calvin, and the Church of Scotland / added author(s): Reformed Church of Switzerland
London : William Cooke, 1641IA 
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Brevis repetitio quorundam illustrium locorum Veteris & Novi Testamenti, qui deAntichristo agunt: ut, 2. Thess. 2. Matth. 24. Dan. 2. 7. & 11. Apoc. 13. & 17. 1. Johan. 2. & 4. Attextis & insertis aliis ejusdem aut similis argumenti; Ad receptae in Ecclesiis orthodoxis sententiae illustrationem ... (typis Idsardi Alberti, eiusdemque & Joannis Arcerii impensis, 1641)
Conring, Hermann (1606-1681)  en de
Exercitationum De Sanguinis Generatione Et Motu Naturali, Sexta / Quam ... Praeside Hermanno Conringio Ph. Et Med. D. ... Publico examini subiiciet Cunradus Froman Northusanus Cherusc. ... ad d. VI. Martii. (Helmaestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1641)
Costa, Gabriel a (fl.1634-)
Commentaria quinque in totidem libros Veteris Testamenti
Lyon, 1641BSB 
Cothmann, Johann (1595-1650)
Disquisitio Theologica In qua Colloquium Jesuitae Johannis Gregorii ante Undecim annos hic institutum breviter repetitur (Rostochii : Kilius, 1641)
Cotton, John (1585-1652)  en
An Abstract Or the Lawes of New England: As They are Novv Established
New Haven County Bar Association, 1641GB 
London : F. Coules, and W. Ley at Paules Chain, 1641GB 
A coppy of a letter of Mr. Cotton of Boston, in New England, sent in answer of certaine objections made against their discipline and orders there, directed to a friend vvith the questions propounded to such as are admitted to the church-fellowship and the covenant it selfe. (London?, 1641)
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