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Calvin, Jean (1509-1564)  en fr
Two godly and learned sermons, made by that famous and woorthy instrument in Gods church, M. Iohn Caluin. Which sermons were long since translated out of Latine into English, by M. Robert Horne late Byshop of Winchester, at what time he suffered exile from his country, for the testimony of a good conscience, as his apology in the beginning of the booke will witnes. And because these sermons haue long lyen hidden in silence, and many godly and religious persons, haue beene very desirous of them: at theyr earnest request they are nowe published by A.M. (At London : [by John Charlewood] for Henry Car, and are to be sold in Paules Churchyard, ouer against the signe of the blasing starre, 1584)
Campion, Edmund, S.J. (1540-1581)  en
Rationes 10 quibus fretus certamen Anglicanae Eccl. Ministris obtulit in causa fidei (1584)
Rationes decem quibus fretus certamen Anglicanae Eccl. Ministris obtulit in causa fidei (Ingolstadium, 1584)
Canisius, Petrus, S.J. (1521-1597)  en
Der kleine Catechismus (Ingolstadium, 1584)
Carion, Johann (1499-1537)  
[Chronicorvm Liber Primvs ... Liber Secvndvs / à Philippo Melanthone aucti & expositi], vol. 1 ([Genève] : Santandreanus, 1584)
[Chronicorvm Liber Qvartvs ... Liber Qvintvs ...], vol. 3 ([Genève] : Santandreanus, 1584)
[Chronicorvm Liber Tertivs], vol. 2 ([Genève] : [Santandreanus], 1584)
Chronicon Carionis : Expositvm Et Avctvm Mvltis Et Veteribvs Et recentibus historiis, in descriptionibus regnorum & gentium antiquarum, & narrationibus rerum Ecclesiasticarum & Politicarum, Græcarum, Romanarum, Germanicarum & aliarum, ab exordio Mundi vsque ad Carolum Quintum Imperatorem, / a Philippo Melanthone & Casparo Peucero ([Genève] : Santandreanus, 1584)
Case, John (c.1540-1600)  en
Summa veterum interpretum in universam dialecticam Aristotelis (London, 1584)
Castiglione, Baldassare (1478-1529)
Baldessaris Castilionii Comitis Ad Alphonsvm Ariostvm De Avlico Libri IIII: Ducentes seria lusus (Iobinus, 1584)
Cattaneo, Sebastian, O.P. (1545-1609)
Enchiridion de Sacramentis novae Legis
Chaderton, Laurence (c.1536-1640)  en
A fruitfull sermon, vpon the verses of the 12. chapiter of the Epistle of S. Paule to the Romanes very necessarie for these times to be read of all men, for their further instruction and edification, in things concerning their fayth and obedience to saluation. (At London : Robert Walde-graue, 1584)
Chambrun, Jacques Pineton de, I (c.1515-1601)  fr fr
L'Esprit et conscience jésuitique. Première preuve et eschantillon pour expresse descouverte de l'esprit de calomnie, et sa suite ez blasphèmes imposez aux Églises réformées, en la personne de seu Ian Calvin, par Jan Hay moyne Iésuite, au libelle de ses Demandes. (Nismes, 1584)
Chandieu, Antoine de (1534-1591)  fr en
Locus de Verbo Dei scripto, adversus humanas traditiones, theologice et scholastice tractatus : ubi agitur de vera methodo theologice simul, et scholastice disputandi
Morges : Jean le Preux, 1584e-rara 
Meditationes in psalmum XXXII (Morges : Jean le Preux, 1584)
Chemnitz, Martin (1522-1586)  en de
Bericht vom newen Bæpstischen Gregoriano Calendario, an den Landgraffen zu Hessen/ etc. (Typis Orphanotrophei, 1584)
Bericht vom newwen bäpstischen Gregoriano Calendario an den Landgraffen zu Hessen etc ([s. n.], 1584)
D. Martini Kemnicii, Bericht vom newen Bäpstischen Gregoriano Calendario, an den Landgraffen zu Hessen, etc (1584)
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