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Contarini, Gasparo (1483-1542)  en
De Elementis et eorum mixtionibus: Libri V.
Nicolaum Diuitem, 1548GB 
La Repvblica, E I Magistrati Di Vinegia
Sabini, 1548GB 
Cranmer, Thomas (1489-1556)  en
Catechismus, that is to say, a shorte instruction into Christian religion for the synguler commoditie and profyte of childre[n] and yong people. Set forth by the mooste reuerende father in God Thomas Archbyshop of Canterbury, primate of all England and Metropolitane. (Imprynted at London : In S. Jhones strete by Nycolas Hyll. for] Gwalter Lynne, [dwellyng on Somers kaye by Byllynges gate], 1548)
Die Ordnung der Heiligen Communion bey des Herrn Nachtmal wie solches noch zur zeit in den Englendischen Kirchen gehalten wird
Dolgen, 1548GB 
Vol. 2 (1548) BSB 
Crowley, Robert (c.1517-1588)  en
The confutation of the mishapen aunswer to the misnamed, wicked ballade, called the Abuse of ye blessed sacrame[n]t of the aultare. Wherin, thou haste (gentele reader) the ryghte vnderstandynge of al the places of scripture that Myles Hoggard, (wyth his learned counsail) hath wrested to make for the transubstanciation of the bread and wyne. Compiled by Robert Crowley. Anno. 1548. (London : Ihon Day and William Seres, dwellyng in Sepulchres parish at the signe of the Resurrectio[n] a little aboue Holbourne Conduite, 1548)
Cruciger, Kaspar, Sr (1504-1548)  en de
Von den Symbolis und Conciliis (1548)
Culmann, Leonhard (1497-1562)
Confabvlatio Sev Dispvtatio Pia et Religiosa Hominis Evangelici & Papistici de uerae religionis articulis, utilissima ijs, qui nouo iam dogmate, ut oucant, offenduntur, congesta per Leonhardvm  Cvlmannvm Craylsheymensem. (Nürnberg : Hans Daubmann, 1548)
Examen theologicum ex veteribus et orthodoxis scriptoribus ... congestum. Jam denuo ac iterum summa cura (etc.) (Daubman, 1548)
Denis the Carthusian (1402-1471)
D. Dionysii Carthusiani Enarrationes piae ac erudiatae, in quinque mosaicae legis libros: hoc est Genesim, Exodum, Leuiticum, Numeros, Deuteronomium (ex Officina Ioannis Quentel, 1548)
D. Dionysii Carthvsiani Enarrationes Piae Ac Ervditae, In Qvinqve Mosaicae Legis Libros, Hoc Est, Genesim, Exodum, Leuiticum, Numeros, Deuteronomium (Quentel, 1548)
Enarrationes Piae Ac Eruditae, In Quinque Mosaicae Legis Libros, Hoc Est, Genesim, Exodum, Leviticum, Numeros, Deuteronomium (Coloniae : Quentel, 1548)
Enarrationes Piae Ac Eruditae, In Quique Mosaicae Legis Libros, Hoc Est, Genesim, Exodum, Leviticum, Numeros, Deuteronomium (Coloniae : Quentel, 1548)
In Omnes Catholicas epistolas, necnon Acta Apostoloru[m]m [et] Apocalypsim, ac nonnullos Hymnos ecclesiasticos ..., ed. Jean Ruelle ((París)) (apud Ioannem Ruellium, 1548)
Liber utilissimus De Quatuor Hominis novissimis Nempe...: Ejusdem Colloquium de particulari Judicio animarum (Gaultherot, 1548)
Summa fidei orthodoxae : libri II. (Paris, 1548)
Summa fidei orthodoxae: libri II. (1548)
Summae fidei orthodoxae libri duo (Parisiis : apud Hieronymum & Dionysiam de Marnes, 1548)
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