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Abbot, George (1562-1633)  en de
A treatise of the perpetuall visibilitie, and succession of the true church in all ages (At London : Humfrey Louunes, for Robert Milbourne, 1624)
Abbot, Robert (c.1588-c.1663)
Bee Thankfull London and her Sisters; or, a Sermon of Thankfulnesse ... applyed in particular to these times (P. Stephens and C. Meredith, 1626)
The Danger of Popery: Or a Sermon Preached at ... Ashford, Etc (I. L. for P. Stephens and C. Meredith, 1625)
Abelard, Peter (1079-1142)  en fr
Opera (1626)
Abernethy, John (-1639)
Een Christelick ende Goddelick Tractact, inhoudende de medicine der ziele, etc (A. Meuris, 1623)
Accolti, Benedetto (1497-1547)
De bello a Christianis contra barbaros gesto pro Christi sepulcro, & Iudea recuperandis libri IIII. (Florentine : Apud Zenobium Pignonium, 1623)
Acosta, José de, S.J. (1539-1600)  en
Historie naturael en morael van de Westersche Indien: Waer inne ghehandelt wort van de merckelijckste dinghen des hemels, elementen, metalen, planten ende gedierten van dien: als oock de manieren, ceremonien, wetten, regeeringen ende oorlogen der Indianen, 2nd ed., trans. Jan Huygen van Linschoten (Broer Iansz. op de nieu-zijds achter Burgh-wal inde Silvere Kan, 1624)
Adams, Thomas (1583-1652)  en
Fiue sermons preached vpon sundry especiall occasions Viz. 1 The sinners mourning habit: in Whitehall, March 29. being the first Tuesday after the departure of King Iames into blessednesse. 2 A visitation sermon: in Christs Church, at the trienniall visitation of the right reuerend father in God the lord bishop of London. 3 The holy choice: in the chappell by Guildhall, at the solemne election of the right honorable the lord maior of London. 4 The barren tree: at Pauls-Crosse, Octob. 26. 5 The temple: at Pauls-Crosse. August 5. By Tho: Adams. (London : [by Aug. Matthewes and John Norton] for Iohn Grismand, 1626)
Ainsworth, Henry (1569-1622)  en
Annotations upon the five bookes of Moses, the booke of the Psalmes, and the Song of Songs, or, Canticles VVherein the Hebrevv vvords and sentences, are compared with, and explained by the ancient Greeke and Chaldee versions, and other records and monuments of the Hebrewes: but chiefly by conference with the holy Scriptures, Moses his words, lawes and ordinances, the sacrifices, and other legall ceremonies heretofore commanded by God to the Church of Israel, are explained. With an advertisement touching some objections made against the sinceritie of the Hebrew text, and allegation of the Rabbines in these annotations. As also tables directing unto such principall things as are observed in the annotations upon each severall booke. By Henry Ainsworth. (London : [by M. Flesher and J. Haviland] for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shop in Cornehill, at the signe of the three Golden Lions neere the Royall Exchange, 1627)
An arrovv against idolatrie. Taken out of the quiver of the Lord of hosts. By H.A. (Amsterdam : [Successors of G. Thorp], 1624)
A censure upon the dialogue of the Anabaptists intituled, A description of what God hath predestinated concerning man ... By Henry Ainsworth. ([Amsterdam] : [by the successors of Giles Thorp], 1623)
Solomons Song of Songs, in English Metre: With Annotations and References to Other Scriptures, for the Easier Understanding of it, trans. Henry Ainsworth ([by the successors of Giles Thorp], 1623)
Alagona, Pietro, S.J. (1549-1624)
Sancti Thomae Aquinatis Summae theologicae compendium, auctore P. Petro Alagona
Bogard, 1627GB 
Stephanum saulcier, 1626GB 
Totius juris canonici compendium ()
Vol. 1 (1623)
Vol. 2 (1623) GB 
Alard, Wilhelm (1572-1645)  de
Guilielmi Alardi Holsati, P. Caesar. Excubiarum Piarum Centuria : Qua Sanctorum Patrum, D. Ambrosii, Augustini, Bernhardi, Fortunati, Gregorii, Prudentii, Sedulii, Flaminii, aliorumque imitationem hymni centum, Suspiriorum Pleni, in usum publicum producuntur ... (Lipsiae : Grosius, 1623)
Jesus Nomen super omne nomen: Das ist: Der Großmächtige, herrliche, Wunderbare, Hochgelobte, Heilsame, holdselige, Trostreiche Name Jesus, Ein Name uber alle Namen, Phil. 2. v. 9. : Aus dem grund Göttliches Worts, und der heiligen rechtgläubigen Altväter, insonderheit Augustini, Bernhardi, Anshelmi, Lutheri, auch vieler anderer Lehr und Trostreichen Schrifften In Eilff unterschiedlichen Predigten erkläret und außgelegt, Und dann Dreyhundert Acrostiche, das ist, kurtze Symbola, Merck-Sprüche und Reim-Gebetlein, deren jedes Wort oder Reim von dem Buchstaben des Namens Jesu anfähet. Item, Zwo andächtige Litanien, und ein güldenes ABC. alles auff den Namen Jesu gerichtet
Leipzig : Grosse, 1624GB 
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