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Ascham, Roger (c.1515-1568)
Toxophilus (1545), ed. William Elstob (Tempe, Ariz. : Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2002)
Aurelius, Marcus Antoninus (121-180)
Overpeinzingen (2006)
Basilius, Valentinus (1394-1450)
Vier Tractätlein Fr. Basilii Valentini Benedicter Ordens von dem grossen Stäin der vralten weysen Maister vnd Artzneyen Menschlicher Gesundheyt ... als nemblich seine 1. Handgriffe vber die Bereitung deß grossen Steins. 2. Handgriffe wie er seine Artzneyen gemacht hat. 3. Schlußreden vom Sulphure, Victriolo vnd Magnete. 4. Supplementum oder zugabe / Jetzo den Filiis doctrinæ zum besten in Truck gegeben Durch H. C. D. (2001)
Baxter, Andrew (c.1686-1750)
An Enquiry Into the Nature of the Human Soul; Wherein the Immateriality of the Soul Is Evinced from the Principles of Reason and Philosophy. (BiblioLife, 2010)
Bellamy, Joseph (1719-1790)  en
The Works of the Rev. Joseph Bellamy, Part 4 (Applewood Books, 2009)
Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
A view from the Palatine : the Iuvenilia of Théodore de Bèze (Tempe, Ariz : Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2001)
Bradford, William (c.1590-1657)  en
History of Plimoth Plantation (Applewood Books, 2010)
Bridge, William (c.1600-1671)  en
A word to the aged (Morgan, PA : Soli Deo Gloria Publications, 2003)
Bruno, Giordano, O.P. (1548-1600)
Opere italiane, vol. 1 (Torino : UTET libreria, 2007)
Bucer, Martin (1491-1551)  en de
Correspondance / Briefwechsel Martin Bucer, ed. Jean Rott, Christian Krieger, Berndt Hamm, Andreas Puchta, Reinhold Friedrich, Wolfgang Simon (Leiden : Brill)
Vol. 4 (2000)
Vol. 5 (2004) GB 
Vol. 6 (2006) GB 
ed. Reinhold Friedrich (Leiden : E.J. Brill)
Vol. 6 (2006) GB 
Opera Latina, vol. 5 (Brill, 2000)
Charron, Pierre (1541-1603)
de La Sagesse: Trois Livres, vol. 2 (BiblioLife, 2010)
Chauncy, Charles (1705-1787)  en
The Mystery Hid from Ages and Generations Made Manifest by the Gospel-revelation (Applewood Books, 2009)
Collins, Anthony (1676-1729)
A Discourse of Free-Thinking, Occasion'd by the Rise and Growth of a Sect Call'd Free-Thinkers. (BiblioLife, 2010)
Derham, William (1657-1735)
Astro-Theology: Or a Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from a Survey of the Heavens. Illustrated with Copper Plates. by W. Derham, ... the Third Edition Improv'd. (BiblioLife, 2010)
Digby, Kenelm (1603-1665)  en
Vermehrung Des Theatri Chimici, Oder Der eröffneten Thür zum Heimligkeiten in der Scheide-Kunst (2009)
Ficino, Marsilio (1433-1499)
Marsilio Ficino : the Philebus commentary (Tempe, AZ : Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000)
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