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Alleine, Joseph (1634-1668)  en
An alarm to unconverted sinners in a serious treatise on conversion
New York : American Tract Society, 1834IA 
New York, American Tract Society, D. Fanshaw : printer, 1834IA 
Angell James, John (1785-1859)
The anxious enquirer after salvation, directed and encouraged, vol. 1 (Appleton, 1834)
Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
The Perpetuity of the Faith of the Catholic Church on the Eucharist: With the Refutation of the Reply of a Calvinistic Minister (Dublin : John Coyne, 1834)
Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)  en
Sermons and fragments attributed to Isaac Barrow: to which are added two dissertations on the duration of future punishments and on dissenters (B. Fellowes, 1834)
Sermons and fragments attributed to Isaac Barrow. To which are added, two dissertations, on the duration of future punishments, and on dissenters, now first collected and ed. by J.P. Lee, ed. James Prince Lee (bp. of Manchester) (1834)
A treatise on the pope's supremacy (Swords, Stanford, and Co., 1834)
Bates, William (1625-1699)  en
Spiritual perfection unfolded and enforced from 2 Cor. VII, 1 ... (J. Hatchard, 1834)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
The certainty of the world of spirits fully evinced. By Richard Baxter. To which is added, The wonders of the invisible world. By Cotton Mather (London : Joseph Smith, 1834) / added author(s): Cotton Mather
Der Evangelische Geistliche, 2nd ed. (Berlin : Eichler, 1834)
Der evangelische Geistliche: Ermahnungen an Prediger ..., 2nd ed. (Eichler, 1834)
Richard Baxter's Dying Thoughts upon Phil. I. 23. With a portrait (J. Hatchard & Son, 1834)
Belfrage, Henry (1774-1835)  en
A Practical Exposition of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism: Exhibiting a System of Theology in a Popular Form, and Particularly Adapted for Family Instruction, 2nd ed. (Edinburgh : W. Oliphant)
Vol. 1 (1834)
Vol. 2 (1834) GB 
Bellarmino, Roberto, S.J. (1542-1621)  en it
Abrégé de la doctrine chrétienne composé d'après l'ordre de S. S. Clément VIII par le vén. Cardinal Robert Bellarmin (Imp. V. Anderbrorght, 1834)
Bengel, Johann Albrecht (1687-1752)  en de
Erklärte Offenbarung Johannis oder vielmehr Jesu Christi, aus dem revidirten Grund-Text übersetzt durch die prophetischen Zahlen aufgeschlossen und allen [...] vor Augen geleget (1834)
Erklärte Offenbarung Johannis, oder vielmehr Jesu Christi. Aus dem revidirten Grund-Text übersetzt ... durch Dr. Johann Albrecht Bengel. Neue Ausgabe ... mit einer Vorrede von Wilhelm Hoffmann ... nebst einem Anhange bisher noch ungedruckter apocalyptischer Briefe Bengels, mitgetheilt von ... (1834)
Erklärte Offenbarung Johannis: oder vielmehr Jesu Christi : aus dem revidirten Grund (Fr. Brodhag, 1834)
Bernard, Richard (bap.1568-1642)  en
The Isle of Man; (London : T. Tegg and son, 1834)
Berti, Giovanni Lorenzo, O.E.S.A. (1696-1766)
Joan. Laurent. Berti fratris eremitae augustiniani theologi praeclarissimi Lib. XXXVII De Theologicis disciplinis, vol. 4 (Benedicti Monfort, 1834)
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