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Abelard, Peter (1079-1142)  en fr
Vita E Lettere di Abelardo di Eloisa: Divisa In Due Tomi (Wage & Fleis)
Vol. 1 (1794)
Vol. 2 (1794) GB 
Adams, George (1750-1795)
Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Considered in It's Present State of Improvement: Describing in a Familiar and Easy Manner, the Principal Phenomena of Nature ... (Hindmarsh, 1794)
Becanus, Martinus, S.J. (1563-1624)  en de
Analogia veteris et novi Testamenti, in qua primum status veteris, deinde consensus, proportio et conspiratio ... explicatum (Van Overbeht, 1794)
Bellamy, Joseph (1719-1790)  en
The Millennium : or the thousand years of prosperity, promised to the Church of God, in the Old Testament and in the New, shortly to commence, and to be carried on to perfection, under the auspices of Him, who in the vision, was presented to St. John.. (Elizabeth Town : Shepard Kollock, 1794)
Biandrata, Giorgio (1515-1588)
Procancellarivs Henricvs Philippvs Conradvs Henke Theologiae Ac Philosophiae Doctor Monasterii Ad S. Michaelis Lapidem Abbas ... Ioannem Gottlob Marezoll Ecclesiae Germanorvm Hafniae Ad S. Petri Aedem Congregatae Pastorem Doctorem Theologiae A. D. V Maii A. C. MDCCLXXXXIIII. Rite Creatvm ... (C. G. Fleckeisen, 1794)
Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (1693-1750)
Georgii Bernhardi Bilfingeri Quondam Geometra - Philosophi Per Europam Celeberrimi De Progressionibus Localibus Commentatio Inedita : Quam Praemissa Illustris Auctoris Vita Edidit Johannes Carolus Frididericus Hauff,Artium Liberalium Magister, Philosophiae Doctor Et In Academia Marburgensi Mathematum Ac Physices Lector. (Lipsiae, 1794)
Bochart, Samuel (1599-1667)
Hierozoicon Sive De Animalibus S. Scripturae / 2 (Lipsiae, 1794)
Hierozoicon, sive De animalibus S. Scripturae (Leipzig : Weidmann)
Vol. 2 (1794)
Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738)  en
Hermann Boerhaavens Lehrsätze der theoretischen Medicin / Mit Kommentarien oder Auszügen aus den bisherigen Vorlesungen über diese Lehrsätze und nöthigen Zusätzen herausgegeben von D. Wilhelm Friedrich Cappel ... (Helmstädt : Fleckeisen, 1794)
Bona, Giovanni, O.Cist. (1609-1674)  en de
Manuductio ad Coelum (1794)
Brandt, Geeraert (1626-1685)
Het leven en bedryf van den Heere Michiel de Ruiter ... (J. Allart, 1794)
Bryant, Jacob (1715-1804)
Observations upon the plagues inflicted upon the Egyptians: in which is shewn the peculiarity of those judgments, and their correspondence with the rites and idolatry of that people (London : T. Cadell and P. Elmsley [etc.], 1794)
Observations Upon the Plagues Inflicted Upon the Egyptians... (1794)
Burkitt, William (1650-1703)  en
Expository notes, with practical observations upon the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Wherein the whole of the sacred text is recited, the sense explained, and the instructive example of the blessed Jesus, and His apostles, to our imitation recommended (New Haven, Printed by Abel Morse : for the Rev. David Austin of Elizabeth-town, 1794)
Coles, Elisha (c.1608-1688)
A practical discourse of God's sovereignty : with other material points derived thence (London : J. Murgatroyd, by James Chalmers, 1794)
Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1670)  en
La Excelente Puerta De Las Lenguas, O Introduccion Al Estudio De Ellas Por Muchissimas Descripciones De Cosas Corporales Y Morales / Obra Traducia Del Latin de Juan Amos Comenio Por Luis Henrique Teucher, Y Por El Mismo Aumentada De Un Indice De Vocablos Español y Aleman (Leipzig : Schwickert, 1794)
Dalrymple, William (1723-1814)
The Mosaic account of Creation ... illustrated; or, A humble walk with God (1794)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
A course of lectures on the principal subjects in pneumatology, ethics, and divinity: with references to the most considerable authors on each subject, vol. 1 (S. Crowder [and 17 others], 1794)
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