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Adams, George (1750-1795)
An Essay on Vision,: Briefly Explaining the Fabric of the Eye, and the Nature of Vision: Intended for the Service of Those Whose Eyes are Weak Or Impaired: Enabling Them to Form an Accurate Idea of the True State of Their Sight, the Means of Preserving It, Together with Proper Rules ..., vol. 3 (author, 1789)
Ainsworth, Henry (1569-1622)  en
Two Treatise ... The first, Of the Communion of Saints. The second, entitled, An Arrow against Idolatry, etc. To this edition is prefixed, Some account of the life and writings of the author (D. Paterson, 1789)
Alembert, Jean Le Rond d' (1717-1783)
Dictionnaire encyclopédique des mathématiques, par mm. d'Alembert, l'abbé Bossut [and others]. (1789)
Encyclopédie méthodique: Mathématiques, ed. Charles-Joseph Panckoucke ((París)), vol. 3 (Panckoucke, 1789)
Esprit, maximes et principes D'Alembert (Briand, 1789)
Esprit, maximes et principes de d'Alembert, de l'Académie française, &c (Briand, 1789)
Àlvarez de Paz, Jacobo, S.J. (1560-1620)
Mensis eucharisticus, hoc est Praeparationes, aspirationes, et gratiarum actiones, pro sumptiones SS. Eucharistiae ... (apud viduam Joachimi Ibarra, 1789)
Atterbury, Francis (1663-1732)  en
The miscellaneous works of Bishop Atterbury, vol. 2 (1789)
Bahrdt, Carl Friedrich (1741-1792)
Das Religions-Edikt: Ein Lustspiel in fünf Aufzügen : Eine Skizze (Bengel [vielm. Wucherer], 1789)
Baillie, John (1741-1806)
A vindication of the divinity of Jesus Christ, a sermon, vol. 1 (1789)
Barclay, Robert (1648-1690)
[ Quaker ]
An Apology for the true Christian divinity, being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the people called Quakers (Philadelphia : J. James, 1789)
Barnard, James (1733-1803)
The divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated from the holy scriptures, and from the doctrine of the primitive church, in a series of letters addressed to the Rev. Dr. Joseph Priestley, ... By the Rev. James Barnard, ... (J P Coghlan: and sold by M ssrs [sic] Robinsons, 1789)
Bayly, Anselm (-1794)
The Alliance of Musick, Poetry and Oratory: Under the Head of Poetry is Considered the Alliance and Nature of the Epic and Dramatic Poem, as it Exists in the Iliad, Æneid, and Paradise Lost (John Stockdale, 1789)
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne (1627-1704)
Pensées sur différents sujets de morale et de piété, choisies dans les sermons de M. Bossuet,... précédées de quelques réflexions sur le caractère de cet orateur et des autres grands prédicateurs de son siècle (Le Clere, 1789)
Bourdaloue, Louis, S.J. (1632-1704)
Freie Übersetzung gewählter Predigten aus Bourdalouen für die Sonn- und Festtage des Jahrs, vol. 4 (1789)
Brown of Haddington, John (1722-1787)
A dictionary of the Holy Bible : containing, an historical account of the persons; a geographical and historical account of the places; a literal, critical, and systematical description of other objects, whether natural, artificial, civil, religious, or military; and the explication of the appellative terms mentioned in the writings of the Old and New Testament .. (Edinburgh : W. Anderson and J. Fairbairn)
Vol. 1 (1789)
Vol. 2 (1789) IA 
Burnett, James (1714-1799)
Of the origin and progress of language
A. Kincaid & W. Creech, 1789GB 
J. Balfour
Vol. 1 (1789) GB 
Vol. 5 (1789) GB 
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