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Abernethy, John (1680-1740)  en
Discourses concerning the being and natural perfections of God, in which that first principle of religion, the existence of the deity, is proved, from the frame of the material world, from the animal and rational life, and from human intelligence and morality. And the divine attributes of spirituality, unity, eternity, immensity, omnipotence, omniscience, and infinite wisdom, are explain'd, 3rd ed. (London : H. Whitridge)
Vol. 1 (1757)
Vol. 2 (1757) GB 
Ambrose, Isaac (1604-1664)  en
Prima, media, et ultima, or, The first, middle, and last things ... (Glasgow : James Knox, 1757)
Amort, Eusebius (1692-1775)
Eusebii Amort jus canonicum vetus ac modernum accedunt vindiciae jurisdictionis ecclesiasticae (Gaum, 1757)
Bahrdt, Johann Friedrich (1713-1775)
Der feste grund der Evangelischen wahrheit in predigten über die ordentlichen Sonn-und Festtags Evangeliaerwiesen und vertheidiget (Leipzig : Schönermark, 1757)
Barkey, Nicolaus (1709-1788)
Disp. theol. de termino donorum munerumque extraordinariorum, ex verbis Pauli Ephes. IV, 12 eruto
Brema, 1757BSB 
Baumgarten, Siegmund Jakob (1706-1757)
D. Siegmund Jacob Baumgartens Auslegung der Leidens- Sterbens- und Auferstehungsgeschichte Jesu Christi nach harmonischer Ordnung der vier Lebensbeschreibungen desselben : Nebst einer Paraphrasis und vierfachem Register (Halle : Gebauer, 1757)
Demonstrationem aeternae peccatorum damnationis, speciatim ex scientia Dei media
Hendelius, 1757GB 
Hala Magdeburgica : Hendelius, 1757BSB 
Diss. theol. de polygamia simultanea illegitima, inprimis etiam ex numero hominum utriusque sexus in tellure fere aequali
Hala, 1757BSB 
Beck, Jakob Christoph (1711-1785)
Fundamenta theologiae naturalis et revelatae (Basel : Emanuel Thurneysen, 1757)
Bellarmino, Roberto, S.J. (1542-1621)  en it
De Septem Verbis A Christo In Cruce Prolatis : Libri Duo ; Almae Congregationi Majori Acedemicae B. Mariae Virginis Ab Angelo Salutatae, In Strenam Oblati (Moguntiae : Häffner, 1757)
Declaracion copiosa de la Doctrina Christiana, compuesta por orden del Beatissimo Padre Clemente VIII; de feliz memoria (Manuel Ibarra, 1757)
Bengel, Johann Albrecht (1687-1752)  en de
Bengelius's introduction to his exposition of the Apocalypse : with his preface to that work and the greatest part of the conclusion of it; and also his marginal notes on the text, which are a summary of the whole exposition (London : Sold by J. Ryall and R. Withy, 1757)
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