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Ainsworth, Henry (1569-1622)  en
Covnterpoyson considerations touching the poynts in difference between the godly ministers and people of the Church of England, and the seduced brethren of the separation : argvments that the best assemblies of the present church of England are true visible churches : that the preachers in the best assemblies of Engl. are true ministers of Christ : Mr. Bernards book intituled The Separatists Schisme : Mr Crashawes questions propounded in his sermon preached at the crosse (London, 1642)
Allatius, Leo (c.1586-1669)  en
Hellas: in natales Delphini Gallici (Mascardus, 1642)
In antiquitatum etruscarum fragmenta ab inghiramio edita Animadversiones, ed. Giovanni Antonio Bertani ((Roma)) (apuid Mascardum, 1642)
Ames, William (1576-1633)  en de
The marrow of sacred divinity drawne out of the Holy Scriptures, and the interpreters thereof, and brought into method (London : Edward Griffin for Henry Overton ..., 1642)
Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)
The Morall Law Expounded, 1. Largely, 2. Learnedly, 3. Orthodoxly (London : Michael Sparke, et al, 1642)
Apollonius, Willem (1602-1657)
Ius maiestatis circa sacra, sive tractatus theologicus, de jure magistratus circa res ecclesiasticas (Medioburgum Zelandorum, 1642)
Jus maiestatis circa sacra, sive tractatus theologicus, de jure magistratus circa res ecclesiasticas, oppositus Cl. D. Professoris Nicolai Vedelii tractatui, de Episcoparu Constantini Magni, ex authoritate, & jussu classis VValachriana adornatum
Medioburgi Zelandorum : Apud Iacobum Fierensium, 1642GB 
Jus Majestatis circa sacra, sive Tractatus theologicus, de jure Magistratus circa res ecclesiasticas, oppositus professoris Nicolai Vedelii tractatui (etc.) (Jacobus Fierensius, 1642)
Tractatus theologicus, de jure magistratus circa res ecclesiasticas (Apud Iacobum Fierensium bibliopolam, sub insigni Globi, 1642)
Arnisaeus, Henning (1580-1636)
Disp. ethico-polit. de proportione arithmetica (1642)
Ashe, Simeon (-1662)  en
The best refvge for the most oppressed: in a sermon preached to the Honourable House of commons at their solemne fast, March 30, 1642 (London : E. Brewster and I. Burroughs, 1642)
A support for the sinking heart in times of distresse : or, A sermon preached in London, to uphold hope and allay feare, January 4th, which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city (London : G. M., 1642)
Aversa, Raffaele, C.R.M. (1589-1657)
De eucharistiae sacram?to et sacrificio, de poenitentiae sacram?to et virtute et de extrema Unctione: tractatus theologici ac morales speculatiu? simul et practic? doctrin? accurat? ac dilucide complectens, ed. Andrea Salmincio ((Bolonia)) (typis Caroli Zeneri, 1642)
De ordinis et matrimonii Sacramentis: tractatus theologici ac morales ... (typis Iacobi Montij & Caroli Zeneri, 1642)
Baaz, Johann, Sr (1581-1649)  sv
Inventarium Ecclesiae Sueo-Gothorum continens integram historiam Eccles. Suec (G√ľnther, 1642)
Inventarium ecclesiae Sueo-Gothorum continens integram historiam eccles. Suec. ... (Christophorus G√ľntherus, 1642)
Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)  en
An essay of a king, with an explanation what manner of persons those should be that are to execute the power or ordinance of the kings prerogative (London : R. Best, 1642)
Franc. Baconi de Verulamio Historia regni Henrici Septimi, Angliae Regis: opus vere politicum (Apud Franc. Hackium, 1642)
Historia regni Henrici Septimi, Angliae regis[...] (Apud F. Hackium, 1642)
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