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Heauen vpon earth, or Of true peace, and tranquillitie of minde. By Ios. Hall. (London : Iohn Windet for Iohn Porter, 1606)
De hemel op der aerden, ofte van de ware gerustigheydt des gemoedts (Amsterdam : Joost Hartghers, 1650)
De hemel op der aerden: ofte van de ware gerustigheydt des ghemoedts (Leyden : Andries Clouck, 1633)
Holy obseruations. Lib. 1. Also some fewe of Dauids Psalmes metaphrased, for a taste of the rest. By Ios. Hall (At London : H. L[ownes] for Samuel Macham : and are to be sold at his shop in Paules Church-yard, at the signe of the Bull-head, 1607)
An holy panegyrick a sermon preached at Paules Crosse vpon the anniuersarie solemnitie of the happie inauguration of our dread soueraigne Lord King James, Mar. 24, 1613 (London : Iohn Pindley for Samuel Macham, 1613)
Holy raptures, or, Patheticall meditations of the love of Christ together with A treatise of Christ mysticall, or, The blessed union of Christ and his members : also, The Christian laid forth in his whole disposition & carriage (London : E. C. for John Sweeting ..., 1652)
The honor of the married clergie, maintayned against the malicious challenges of C.E. Masse-priest: or. The apologie written some yeeres since for the marriage of persons ecclesiasticall made good against the cauils of C.E. pseudo-Catholik priest. In three books. By Ios. Hall, D. of Diuin. Deane of Worcest. (London : W. S[tansby] for H. Fether[stone], 1620)
An Humble Remonstrance to the High Court of Parliament (N. Butter, 1640)
An humble remonstrance to the High Court of Parliament, by a dutifull sonne of the Church (London : M[iles] F[lesher] for Nathaniel Butter in Pauls Church-yard at the pyde-Bull neare St. Austins gate, 1641)
The hypocrite Set forth in a sermon at the court; February, 28. 1629. Being the third Sunday in Lent. By Ios: Exon. (London : William Stansby, for Nathaniel Butter, 1630)
The invisible world discovered to spirituall eyes and reduced to usefull meditation : in three books : also, the great mystery of godliness laid forth by way of affectuous and feeling meditation : with the apostolicall institution of imposition of hands for confirmation of children, setting forth the divine ground, end, and use of that too much neglected institution, and now published as an excellent expedient to truth and peace (London : E. Cotes for John Place, 1659)
Joseph Hall's Biblische Geschichte, Oder Betrachtung der Biblischen Historien des Alten und Neuen Testaments in drey Theilen (Leipzig : Nunmehr an vielen Orten verbessert, mit vollständigen Registern versehen, Zum vierdten mahl herausgegeben, [n.d.])
Joseph Hallens ... Besiegte Todesfurcht
Helmstädt, 1680BSB 
Joseph Hallens ... Passions-Andachten (Helmstadt, 1678)
Joseph Hallens wahrer Studenten-Ruhm : in Christ-mässiger Ergetzlichkeit Friedlichem Leben und Fleissigem Studiren fürgestellet ; Auff das der Hoch-Fürstl. Julius Universität zu Helmstädt erste hundert-Jahr-Fest so den 15. Oct. dieses 1676. Jahrs einfiel Als ein preißwürdiger Zweck selbiger Academie, und rühmliche Nachfolge derer allda Studierenden / ins Teutsche übersetzet und selbigen gewidmet von M. Henningus Koch ..., vol. 3 (Helmstädt : Friedrich Lüderwald; Johann Heinrich Duncker, 1677)
Joseph Hallens weiland Engelländischen Bischoffes zu Norwich Himmels-Lust auff Erden Oder Die wahre Seelen-Ruh / Ins Teutsche übersetzet Von M. Henningus Koch, Der Christl. Gemeine zu Helmstädt Diac., vol. 3 (Helmstädt : Friedrich Lüderwald; Jakob Müller, 1677)
Joseph Hallens weiland Engelländischen Bischoffs zu Norwick Besiegete Todes-Furcht / Ins Teutsche übersetzet Von Henningus Koch Eccl. Helmst. Past., vol. 3 (Helmstädt : Friedrich Lüderwald, 1680)
Joseph Hallens Weyland Engelländischen Bischoffens zu Norwick [et]c. Paßions-Andachten, vol. 3 (Helmstädt ; Gardelegen : Friedrich Lüderwald; Jakob Müller, 1678)
Joseph Hallens Weyland Engelländischen Bischoffens zu Norwick etc. Paßions-Andachten : Ins Deutsche übersetzet [Henning Koch], vol. 3 (Magdeburg ; Helmstädt : Friedrich Lüderwald; Johann Lüderwald; Müller, Jakob, 1674)
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