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A comedy concerning Three laws of Nature, Moses and Christ, 1538 (London : Issued for subscribers by T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1908)
De vitis pontificum Romanorum ... A tenebris vindicavit ... et usque ad Paulum Quintum ... continuavit Joannes Martini Lydius (Lugduni Batavorum : Marsse, 1615) / added author(s): Johannes Martini Lydius, Robert Barnes
A dialoge or communycacyon to be had at a table betwene two chyldren, gathered out of the holy scriptures, by Iohan Bale, for his .ij. yonge sonnes Iohan and Paule ([London] : To be sold in ffletestrete at the signe of the Croune, nexte vnto the whyte Fryres gate. Imprynted at London, [by S. Mierdman] for Richarde ffoster., 1549)
Dramatic writings. Edited by John S. Farmer (London : Priv. subscribers by the Early English drama Society, 1907)
The epistle exhortatorye of an Englyshe Christyane vnto his derelye beloued co[n]treye of Englande against the pompouse popyshe bysshoppes therof, as yet the true members of theyr fylthye father the great Antichrist of Rome, Henry Stalbrydge. (Antwerp : A. Goinus, 1544)
An expostulation or complaynte agaynste the blasphemyes of a franticke papyst of Hamshyre. Co[m]piled by Iohan Bale (Imprynted at London : [by S. Mierdman for] Ihon Daye, dwellyng ouer Aldersgate beneth Saynte Martyns, and are to be soulde at the shope by the litle Condite in Chepesyde, 1552)
The first two partes of the actes or vnchast examples of the Englysh votaryes gathered out of their owne legenades and chronycles by Johan Bale ... (London : For John Bale ... and are to be solde wythin Paules chayne, at the sygne of S. John Baptist, 1551)
Illustrium Majoris Britaniae Scriptorum ... Summarium ([Wesel], 1548)
Illvstrivm Maioris Britanniae Scriptorvm, Hoc Est, Angliae, Cambriae, ac Scotiae Summariũ, in quasdam centurias diuisum, cum diuersitate doctrinarũ ... Avtore Ioanne Balaeo Svdovolca. (Wesel : Derick van der Straten, 1549)
The image of both Churches after the most wonderfull and heauenly Reuelation of sainct Iohn the Euangelist, contayning a very fruitfull exposition or paraphrase vpon the same. Wherin it is conferred vvith the other scriptures, and most auctorised histories. Compyled by Iohn Bale an exyle also in thys lyfe, for the faithfull testimony of Iesu. (London : Thomas East, 1570)
Kynge Johan, a play in two parts. Edited by J. Payne Collier from the MS. of the author in the library of the Duke of Devonshire (London : Camden Society by J.B. Nichols, 1838)
A mysterye of inyquyte contayned within the heretycall genealogye of Ponce Pantolabus, is here both dysclosed & confuted by Iohan Bale. An, M.D.xlii. Marke in the capytall letters of this boke, the .A.B.C. with the name of the author (Emprynted at Geneua [i.e. Antwerp] : Mycheal Woode [i.e. A. Goinus], 1545)
A nevve comedy or enterlude, concernyng thre lawes of nature, Moises, and Christe, corrupted by the sodomytes, Pharysies, and papistes: compyled by Iohn Bale: and nowe newly imprynted. (Imprynted at London : [In S. brydes Churchyarde, ouer agaynste the north doore of the churche, by Thomas Colwell], The yere of our Lord, M,D,LXII, 1562)
Nova Praefatio Anglica, In Veterem Librvm Vintoniensis, ante 20.annos de uera obedientia scriptum,& editum Hamburgi, anno 36.Latino sermone, missa in hoc mercatu Lypsico uerno ex Anglia,& bona fide conuersa in Latinum sermonem spacio trium horarum. ... (Leipzig : Hantzsch, Georg, 1554)
The pageant of popes contayninge the lyues of all the bishops of Rome, from the beginninge of them to the yeare of Grace 1555. Deuided into iii. sortes bishops, archbishops, and popes, vvhereof the two first are contayned in two bookes, and the third sort in fiue. In the vvhich is manifestlye shevved the beginning of Antichriste and increasing to his fulnesse, and also the vvayning of his povver againe, accordinge to the prophecye of Iohn in the Apocalips. ... Written in Latin by Maister Bale, and now Englished with sondrye additions by I.S. (London : [In Fleetestreate neare vnto S. Dunstones Church by Thomas Marshe], 1574)
The Pageant of popes, contayninge the lyues of all the bishops of Rome, from the beginninge of them to the yeare of grace 1555, deuided into iii. sortes bishops, archbishops, and popes ... ([London : ImT. Marshe], 1574)
The temptation of Our Lord (London and Edinburgh : Issued for subscribers by T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1909)
The temptation of Our Lord. 1538, vol. 6 (London : Issued for subscribers by T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1909)
Les vies des evesques et papes de Rome, depuis la dispersion des disciples de Jesus Christ, jusques au temps de Paul IV, qui à present regne tyranniquement en l'Eglise, prinses du grand Catalogue des escrivains d'Angleterre, de Jehan Baleus Anglois, et divisées en trois classes et sept livres. Nouvellement traduites de latin en frençois, avec une table ample des choses plus memorables. (Genève : Conrad Badius, 1561)
The vocacyon of Ioha[n] Bale to the bishiprick of Ossorie in Irela[n]de his persecucio[n]s in ye same, & finall delyueraunce... (Imprinted in Rome [i.e. Wesel?] : Before the castell of S.Angell, at ye signe of S. Peter [i.e. by J. Lambrecht? for Hugh Singleton], in Decembre, 1553)
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