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Thomas Bray (1658-1730)
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Bibliotheca Parochialis ... Or a Scheme of Such Theological and Other Heads, as Seem Requisite to be Perus'd, Or Occasionally Consulted, vol. 1 (Wilkin, 1707)
Bibliotheca parochialis, &c., or, A scheme of such theological and other heads, as seem requisite to be perus'd, or occasionally consulted, by the reverend clergy : together with the books which may be profitably read on each of those points, in order to promote the forming and erecting libraries of three degrees, viz. general, decanal or lending, and parochial, throughout Her Majesty's dominions, both at home and abroad ; to which will be subjoyn'd an account how far the design has been hitherto advanc'd, and how practicable it may be to perfect the same (London, 1707)
Bray, Thomas. Several circular letters to the clergy of Mary-land, subsequent to their late visitations, to enforce such resolutions as were therein. Printed ... 1701 (1701)
A Brief Account of the life of ... J. Rawlet ... Together with a valuable remain of his, never before printed, viz. his consolatory letter to his mother, written on occasion of his apprehension of dying by the Great Plague, 1665. [By Thomas Bray.] MS. note (1728)
An essay towards promoting all necessary and useful knowledge, both divine and human, in all the parts of His Majesty's dominions, both at home and abroad (1697)
The good fight of faith, in the cause of God against the kingdom of Satan. Exemplified in a sermon preach'd at the parish-church of St. Clements Danes, Westminster, on the 24th of March, 1708/9. At the funeral of Mr. John Dent, who was barbarously murder'd in the doing his duty, in the execution of the laws against profaneness and immorality (London, 1709)
An Introductory Discourse to Catechetical Instruction: Shewing how the Same May be Made Both Practicable and Easie, ... In a Pastoral Letter to the Clergy of Maryland. With a Preface. ... By Thomas Bray, vol. 7 (J. Brudenell, 1704)
A memorial representing the present case of the church in Mary-land with relation to its establishment by law. Printed about 1700 (1700)
Proposals for the encouragement and promoting of religion and learning in the foreign plantations (1701)
Rev. Thomas Bray: his life and selected works relating to Maryland (Baltimore, 1901)

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