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Richard Steward (c.1593-1651)
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An ansvver to a letter vvritten at Oxford, and superscribed to Dr. Samuel Turner, concerning the Church, and the revenues thereof. Wherein is shewed, how impossible it is for the King with a good conscience to yeeld to the change of church-government by bishops, or to the alienating the lands of the Church. ([n.d.])
A brief but full vindication of the Church of England from the Romanist's charge of schism. ([n.d.])
Catholique divinity: or, The most solid and sententious expressions of the primitive doctors of the Church. With other ecclesiastical, and civil authors: dilated upon, and fitted to the explication of the most doctrinal texts of Scripture, in a choice way both for the matter, and the language; and very useful for the pulpit, and these times. ([n.d.])
A discourse of Episcopacy and sacrilege by way of letter written in 1646 ([n.d.])
The English case, exactly set down by Hezekiah's reformation in a court sermon at Paris ([n.d.])
The old Puritan detected and defeated, or, A brief treatise shewing how by the artifice of pulpit-prayers our dissenters, at all times, have endeavour'd to undermine the liturgy of the reformed Church of England together with the fault and danger of such prayers, whether vented extempore, or forethought by the speaker ([n.d.])
Several short, but seasonable discourses touching common and private prayer relating to the publick offices of the church ([n.d.])
Three sermons preached by the Reverend and learned Dr. Richard Stuart ... to which is added, a fourth sermon, preached by the Right Reverend Father in God, Samuel Harsnett ... ([n.d.])
Trias sacra, a second ternary of sermons preached being the last (and best) monuments that are likely to be made publique of that most learned, pious and eminent Dr. Richard Stuart ... ([n.d.])

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