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Richard Hill (1732-1808)
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An address to persons of fashion: containing some particulars relating to balls: and a few occasional hints concerning play-houses, card-tables, xc., in which is introduced the character of Lucinda, a lady of the very best fashion, and of most extraordinary piety ... (G. Keith, and sold by J. Robson, 1761)
A Conversation Between Richard Hill, Esq: The Rev. Mr. Madan, and Father Walsh, Superior of a Convent of English Benedictine Monks at Paris, Held at the Said Convent, July 13, 1771; ... (E. and C. Dilly, 1771)
Daubenism Confuted and Martin Luther Vindicated (1800)
Daubenism confuted and Martin Luther vindicated, with further remarks on the false quotations adduced by C. Daubeny in his late publications [A guide to the Church &c.]. Intended as a suppl. to Reformation-truth restored, in a letter to C. Daubeny, vol. 7 (1800)
A Detection of Gross Falshood [sic], and a Display of Black Ingratitude;: Being an Answer to a Pamphlet Lately Published by Some Evil-minded Person, Under the Name of the Revd. William Woolley, Stiling Himself A. M. Entitled A Cure for Canting, and Addressed to Sir Richard Hill, Bart ..., vol. 3 (J. Stockdale, Piccadilly; and J. Mathews, Strand., 1794)
Duwioldeb Rhydychen: neu hanes gyflawn a diduedd am chwech o ysgolheigion a fwriwyd allan o Neuaddgolegol St. Edmund, yn Rhydychen, gyd a llythyr cyflwyniad at yr Anrhydeddus Iarll Litchffield, Canghellor y Brif-Ysgol honno. Gan Athraw'r Celfyddydau o Brif-ysgol Rhydychen [Sir Richard Hill]. (1769)
A letter to ... John Wesley; wherein that gentleman is called upon to declare whether he be, or be not the author of certain malicious calumnies cast on the late ... Augustus Toplady (1780)
A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Adams of Shrewsbury: Occasioned by the Publication of His Sermon, Entitled, A Test of True and False Doctrines. By the Author of Pietas Oxoniensis, vol. 8 (E. and C. Dilly; and sold, 1770)
Logica Wesleiensis: Or, the Farrago Double Distilled. With an Heroic Poem in Praise of Mr John Wesley. By Richard Hill Esquire (E. and C. Dilly, 1773)
A Review of All the Doctrines Taught by the Rev. Mr. John Wesley;: Containing a Full and Particular Answer to a Book Entitled, (E. and C. Dilly, in the Poultry., 1772)

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