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John Owen (1616-1683)
TraditionPuritan, ReformedReferenceen | STCN | DNB1Academic TitleVice-Chancellor, Oxford (1652-1660)
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Cawdry, Daniel (1588-1664)
Independencie a great schism: Proved against Dr. Owen his apology in his tract of Schism (London, 1657)
Clagett, William (1646-1688)  en
A Discourse Concerning the Operations of the Holy Spirit: Together with a Confutation of Some Part of Dr. Owen's Book Upon that Subject (J.C., 1678)
A Discourse Concerning The Operations Of The Holy Spirit: With A Confutation of some part of Dr. Owen's Book upon that Subject. In Three Parts, 2nd ed. (London : Brome, 1680)
A Treatise Concerning the Operations of the Holy Spirit: Beingthe Substance of the Late Reverend and Learned Dr. William Clagett's Discourseupon that Subject. With Large Additions (Henry Clements, 1719)
Durham, James (1622-1658)
The law unsealed: or, A practical exposition of the Ten Commandments ; with a resolution of several momentuous questions and cases of conscience, 8th ed. (Edinburgh : Thomas Lumisden and John Robertson, 1735) [Prefatory epistles by John Owen and William Jenkyn]
Gale, Theophilus (1628-1679)  en
The true idea of Jansenisme: both historick and dogmatick (London : Th. Gilbert in Oxon., 1669) [Preface by John Owen]
Gillespie, Patrick (1617-1675)  en
The ark of the covenant opened, or, A treatise of the covenant of redemption between God and Christ, as the foundation of the covenant of grace. : The second part. Wherein is proved, that there is such a covenant. The necessity of it. The nature, properties, parties thereof. The tenor, articles, subject-matter of redemption. The commands, conditions, and promises annexed. The harmony of the covenant of suretiship made with Christ, and the covenant of reconciliation made with sinners wherein they agree, wherein they differ. Grounds of comfort from the covenant of suretiship. (London : Tho. Parkhurst at the Bible and three Crowns in Cheapside, near Mercers Chappel,, 1677) [Preface by John Owen]
Humphrey, John (1621-1719)
Peaceable Disquisitions: Which Treat of the Natural and Spiritual Man ... In Some Animadversions on a Discourse Writ Against Dr. Owen's Book of the Holy Spirit (T. Parkhurst, 1678)
Kendall, George (bap.1611-1663)
Fur pro tribunali. Examen dialogismi cui inscribitur fur praedestinatus. Accesserunt oratio de doctrina Neopelagiana habita Oxonii in Comitiis Julii IX. M. DC. LIV. Cl. V.G. Tuissii vita, et vindiciae à calumniis et sophismatis Francisci Annati Jesuita; et dissertatiuncula de novis actibus imminentibus sintne Deo ascribendi. (Oxoniae : Hen. Hall Academiæ typographus impensis Tho. Robinson, 1657) [Preface by John Owen]

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