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Church of Scotland
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Bonar, John (1721-1761)
An analysis of the moral and religious sentiments contained in the writings of Sopho, and David Hume: ... addressed to ... the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1755) / added author(s): George Anderson
Brown of Wamphray, John (c.1610-1679)
An apologetical relation of the particular sufferings of the faithful ministers and professors of the Church of Scotland, since August 1660 : wherein several questions, useful for the time are discussed; the king's prerogative over parliaments and people soberly inquired into; the lawfulness of defensive war cleared; the supreme magistrate's power in church matters examined; Mr. Stillingfleet's notion concerning the divine right or forms of church government considered; the author of "The seasonable case" answered; other particulars, such as the hearing of the curates appearing before the high commission court, etc., canvassed ... (Edinburgh : Robert Ogle and Oliver and Boyd, 1845)
Calderwood, David (1575-1650)
A re-examination of the five articles enacted at Perth anno 1618 : To wit. Concerning The communicants gesture in the act of receaving. The observation of festivall dayes. Episcopall confirmation or bishopping. The administration of baptisme And The supper or the Lord in privat places ([Holland?], 1636)
The true history of the Church of Scotland, from the beginning of the reformation, unto the end of the reigne of King James VI ([Edinburgh?], 1678)
Erskine, Ralph (1685-1752)  en nl
Act, declaration and testimony for the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government of the Church of Scotland : agreeable to the word of God, the confession of faith, the national covenant of Scotland, and the solemn league and covenant of the three nations; and against several steps of defection from the same, both in former and present times (Edinburgh : gow : T. Lumisden ... for John Henderson ... and sold by James Young ..., 1751)
The criterion. : a comparison of the legal establishment of religion in Scotland, from the revolution to the present time, with the legal establishment of religion in Scotland, betwixt the years 1638 and 1650. Designed for rendring more useful to the ignorant, a book just now published, intitled, A collection of the laws in favours of the Reformation in Scotland. To which, in an appendix, is subjoined, remarks upon part II. of a pamphlet, intitled, The third proof of fancy no faith (Edinburgh, : such as sell above mentioned collection of laws., 1749)
Keith, Robert (1681-1757)
An historical catalogue of the Scottish bishops down to the year 1688. Also, An account of all the religious houses by John Spottiswoode
Edinburgh : Bell & Bradfute, 1824GB 
The history of the affairs of church and state in Scotland : from the beginning of the Reformation in the reign of King James V. to the retreat of Queen Mary into England, anno 1568 : taken from the public records and other authentic vouchers (Edinburgh : T. and W. Ruddimans)
Vol. 1 (1735)
Vol. 2 (1735) IA 
Vol. 3 (1735) IA 
History of the affairs of church and state in Scotland from the beginning of the Reformation to the year 1568, ed. John Parker Lawson, vol. 1 (Edinburgh : Spottiswoode Society, 1844)
History of the affairs of church and state in Scotland, from the beginning of the Reformation to the year 1568 (Edinburgh : Spottiswoode Society)
Vol. 1 (1844)
Vol. 2 (1844) IA 
Vol. 3 (1844) IA 
A large new catalogue of the bishops of the several sees within the Kingdom of Scotland, down to the year 1688: Instructed by proper and authentic vouchers: together with some other things necessary to the better knowledge of the ecclesiastical state of this kingdom in former times (Edinburgh : T. and W. Ruddimans, 1755)
Smeaton, Thomas (1536-1583)  en
Ad virulentum Archibaldi Hamiltonii apostatae dialogum, de confusione Caluinianae sectae apud Scotos, impiè conscriptum orthodoxa responsio. Thoma Smetonio Scoto auctore. In qua celebris illa quaestio de ecclesia, de vniuersalitate, successione, & Romani Episcopi primatu breuiter, dilucidè, & accuratè tractatur. Adiecta est vera historia extremae vitae & obitus eximij viri Ioan. Knoxij Ecclesiae Scoticanae instauratoris fidelissimi (Edinburgi : Apud Iohannem Rosseum pro Henrico Charteris, 1579)
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